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3 Reasons You Should Expand Your Business Reach Abroad


As a business owner, you may have spent some time considering the pros and cons of expanding your business to the international level. Even if your business is centered in New York and you only plan on expanding your services across the border into neighboring Canadian cities, it’s still an international move.

It’s a big decision for any business owner to make. It requires changing your business practices, educating yourself on the processes of international business practice, shipping, costs, and fees, and many other aspects of running a business you thought you already knew. However, once you make the decision to head abroad, your business can only grow. Here are three basic reasons why.

1. Business growth

Perhaps the most powerful reason to take your business abroad is the fact that you it’s more likely to grow. Expanding your services to customers in other countries simply means more clients and business opportunities.

The old saying, “the more the merrier,” is certainly true when it comes to clients. As your client base grows, so do your profits. One thing to consider when you move your business abroad is your employee relations.

Business practices and labor laws in other countries differ from those in the US, making it possible that your business could easily break a law and be the target of a lawsuit by an overseas employee should you fail to grasp the local labor regulations. Once you are aware of the labor laws in a particular area, you may begin to grow your business internationally.

2. It’s easier than ever to reach those abroad

Expanding internationally is easier than ever, thanks to 1-800 Toll Free Numbers. These numbers allow your international clients to reach your business at no cost to them, which will make them more likely to want to work with your business.

By allowing customers in other countries to reach your place of business more easily, you can handle complaints directly, minimize confusion, and maximize customer satisfaction. All of which, as you already know, are paramount to running a successful business operation.

You can add a bit of charm to your 800 number by choosing a vanity number that is easier for your clients and customers to remember. A little creativity will make it easier for clients to remember your number. It makes your firm stand out from the crowd and offers you a unique face that many other businesses will not have in other countries.

3. Big business in other countries

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to expand your business overseas is to connect with large corporate entities in other nations. You might be surprised to learn after a little research that many foreign countries do not have the same access to your business services as American citizens.

When you choose to expand your operations overseas and build your brand to provide access to your services in a country that has not previously experienced this access, you are creating big business. This kind of expansion could change the face of your entire firm, and offer you opportunities you never imagined.

Expanding your business internationally isn’t going to be a simple step you can accomplish in a few days or weeks. An overseas move requires substantial information, business logistics, and know-how. By educating yourself on the business practices, laws, and expectations in other countries, you can increase your odds of success.

Now’s a great time to expand overseas. The economy in many other countries continues to improve, which means it’s a good time to get involved in international jobs, services, and products. With the right tools and the proper knowledge, your business success could turn into something grander than you ever dreamed.

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