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4 Household Chore Hacks To Make You Happy

Somebody wise once said, “life happens when you’re making other plans.” If that sounds like your life, then you’ll want to check out these household chore hacks that will make your life easier:

1. Dust with dryer sheets

Feather dusters are not just old school – they don’t dust very well. Even spraying Pledge on a feather duster isn’t enough. Most people use wet towels, especially when dusting ceiling fans, to prevent the dust from flying around. This is a great method, and still, there’s another great method you may not know about. A method your younger kids can use to complete their regular chores.

The rumors are true – you can dust with dryer sheets to pick up a significant amount of dust, and the static will repel dust for a longer period of time. The best part is the dust stays on the dryer sheet and doesn’t get reintroduced into your home.

The best places to dust with dryer sheets are the places you can’t reach very well, and also your electronics. Dust your computer monitors, television screens, and even your smartphone screen with a dryer sheet to keep the dust at bay.

2. Stop pre-rinsing your dishes before loading the dishwasher

This video explains several key mistakes made when loading a dishwasher. What’s most surprising is that it’s actually more effective to avoid pre-rinsing your dishes. Dish detergent is designed to attack and break down food particles, and when there are no food particles for it to break down, it starts eating away at the surface of your dishes. Without food particles to break down, it’s more likely that you’ll end up with dirtier dishes.

All those people you thought were lazy for not rinsing off their dishes first were actually doing it correctly!

3. Start raking your carpet

Even when you’ve got the best vacuum cleaner in the world, you’re still leaving behind crumbs and hair. The only way to get everything out of your carpet is to use a carpet broom that essentially acts as a rake.

Here’s a video of one woman using a carpet broom to dig up a good amount of hair and dirt. Although she says the broom she’s using sells for $59, there are many other options that do the job just as well for between $20 and $30.

If you don’t mind getting down on the floor, you can use a squeegee to ball up pet hair from the carpet. Although, this method doesn’t seem to pull up crumbs and dirt embedded in the carpet.

If you’re intent on getting more pet hair and don’t mind using a little elbow grease, this guy shows you how to use your pet’s undercoat brush to get hair out of your carpet. The amount of hair he digs up with just a few strokes is massive.

4. Fold your socks ROTC style

There’s nothing attractive about rolling your socks into balls. It’s bulky, rolls around, and doesn’t fit nicely in your dresser drawer. There’s a better way, and it’s similar to rolling – but better. The best way to learn is by watching it in action.

One YouTuber gives a 2 minute 31 second demonstration of how to fold your socks ROTC style. By laying a pair of tube socks on top of each other flat on the table, you can fold them about three times and keep them flat. When you make the third fold up to the ankle of the sock, you simply fold the top of the ankle down over the whole pair. This is similar to making a ball, but it’s flat and will fit neatly with other socks in your dresser drawer.

Guys, you can also neatly fold your boxer briefs into squares, but be forewarned that it works better with new garments than used. Once the shape of the boxer briefs are stretched, it’s harder to get a crisp square. In that case, don’t tuck them in at the end and simply fold the square.