Why Using Large Headers Decreases Website Usability

The number one rule in website development is usability. No matter how wonderful your site looks, and no matter how much you paid top copywriters to crank out your sales copy, usability is king. When you think of usability, you probably picture a solid horizontal menu with clear labels that take the user directly to […]

3 People Who Want To Fight For Your Rights – For A Living

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your rights were violated, you know what it’s like to wish you had someone on your side to fight for you. Rights are violated every day, and often without resolution. Employees are often denied breaks, people’s voices are silenced, and kids are treated unfairly at school. When […]

4 Cars That Completely Overhauled Their Body Styles

Car manufacturers are constantly working to create vehicles people will love to drive. From the comfort and convenience inside, to the body style outside, cars are a constant evolution of creativity and forward-thinking. Here are four popular car companies whose vehicles have gotten a sleek, modern makeover: 1. Ford If you’re familiar with Ford’s “F-Series” […]