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5 Ways To Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Next Party

For a memorable event that people enjoy, intentionally crafting every aspect of the environment with a touch of elegance is necessary. Everything from the napkins and cutlery to your furniture and home décor will influence the experience of your guests.

No matter where you live or what facilities you have access to, here are some ideas for adding a touch of elegance to your next party:

1. Make use of beautiful tablecloths and tapestries

Unless you live in a museum, it’s going to be obvious your home is being lived in. If you have kids, there might be spaghetti stains on the carpet, or gouge marks in the dining room table. If you have pets, you probably don’t have the nicest furniture, and your couch may be covered with a blanket.

A quick, affordable way to transform the décor in your home is to use elegant tablecloths and tapestries. Place an elegant tablecloth over your well-loved kitchen table and your own mood will change instantly. You can even place matching table runners over all the furniture in the open areas of your home.

For instance, if you have a long dresser or shelving unit in your entryway or hallway, a beautiful table runner will set the mood for your guests as they enter your space.

Wall tapestries create the perception of elegance

Wall tapestries are another way to instantly transform the décor in your home. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your family photos on the wall. After all, your guests will understand they’re being hosted in your home. However, if you’re intent on creating a seamlessly elegant atmosphere, hang up some tapestries that detail scenes from 17th century France.

You don’t need to hang originals from that time period; plenty of companies produce replicas as well as original pieces in the same style. When pinned to the ceiling just one-half inch from the wall, these tapestries can cover your existing wall hangings without being obvious.

3. Splurge for at least one high-ticket item

When you’re on a budget and can’t splurge for every item you’d like to have, choose one or two of the following:

  • Beautiful wine glasses and fine wine. People will be holding their wine glasses for long periods of time. They’re going to notice the quality of the vessel they’re holding. They’ll also notice the quality of the wine they’re drinking.

    If you’re worried about someone breaking a good wine glass, buy stemless glasses instead. They can be just as elegant as their stemmed counterparts and are less likely to be knocked over.

  • Quality crafted cheese knives. Next to alcohol, people will spend most of their time devouring the food you provide. A set of handcrafted Laguiole cheese knives will add a touch of class, no matter what kind of cheese you serve. These famous French cheese knives are made of razor sharp steel, and won’t disappoint.

    According to Occitan Imports, no French dinner is complete without a selection of wonderful cheeses, served at the end of the meal. The cheese is “always accompanied by bread and wine, and always presented on a serving plate with specialized cutlery (cheese knives).”

  • Hire professional bartenders. Nothing exudes elegance more than having your own professional bartenders to serve your wine and other beverages. They don’t need to stay for the whole party; you can move to self-serve after a couple of hours.
  • 4. Be intentional when choosing your dishes

    You can find many treasures at second-hand stores, but it’s rare to find items that match. Although individually elegant, mismatched cups, vases, bowls, and other vessels can counter the experience of elegance.

    Don’t set the table with fine china with a color scheme that doesn’t match your cups.

    Avoid using the following items:

  • Paper plates and paper napkins
  • Plastic or cheap silverware
  • Cups and other vessels that don’t match
  • Disposable items no matter what material
  • Tupperware for serving dishes you kept in the fridge
  • Cheap wine

5. Set a formal table and snack bar area

Regardless of what food you’re serving at your party, set both your main table and appetizer area formally. HGTV has some beautiful ideas for setting an elegant table if you need inspiration.

Create an elegant experience for your guests

Hosting any kind of gathering – whether you call it a party or a soirée – is an opportunity to create a beautiful experience for your guests. With these tips, you can make any party fun and memorable.