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4 Reasons to Lease an Exotic Car This Winter

Buying and leasing a car are similar in some basic ways, however there are a few reasons why the latter is the better option around the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to lease your dream car this year, or simply want to get noticed driving around something new, this article will help to explain the many benefits that leasing will offer you.

1. Extra Cash

The first and most obvious reasons why leasing an exotic car is better than buying right now is the money you can save. When buying a car, the loan value you receive is based on the entire cost of the automobile, but leasing, on the other hand, means you’re only paying for the depreciation that occurs during your lease term. This ensures that your monthly lease price will be lower than a monthly loan payment you would receive if you had bought the car.
The Huffington Post featured an article last year on why leasing a vehicle is a great option, and their second point explains a bit more about how cost is controlled. The obvious benefit this has around this time of year is that, with the holidays being as costly as they are, leasing an exotic car allows you to make manageable monthly payments without much up-front cost.

2. Up-To-Date Technology

Another one of the best reasons to lease an exotic car this winter is that you’ll be able to choose something with the most up-to-date safety technology and safety features. When purchasing a vehicle, you’re buying that car long-term, but leasing, on the other hand, means you can drive around a beautiful new car with all the latest features, and after a few years return that car back to the dealership to receive an even newer car with even better technology! It’s a win-win, and a great way to get noticed driving around the hottest new cars on the market.

3. Maintenance

If you want to lease your dream car this winter, you don’t have to worry about things like maintenance and repairs. When you lease a vehicle, your car is usually under factory warranty the entire time, with some car brands even coming with free oil changes and break repairs for the first couple of years. This somewhat ties into the first point, as it will save you money while also giving you the peace of mind that if a problem arises with your vehicle, you won’t have to pay to get it fixed yourself.

4. Trial And Error

Finally, leasing an exotic car is a great way to find out what you want for the future. You will have the ability to find the brand you love and can decide later on whether or not you want to purchase it for good. Imagine being stuck with one brand of cereal for 8 years – leasing a car allows you to sample the different brands on offer!

There are many reasons why leasing is better than buying right now, but to summarize the above points: you’ll save money on payments, you can drive cars with the latest features, without worry about maintenance, and you’ll have the ability to truly decide on which car is the right one for you. Call that a win-win-win-win scenario!