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The Easiest Way to Become a Multi-Millionaire

You can go through twelve years of medical school, umpteen sleepless nights and just as many packed days on the road to becoming a surgeon, all for the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire – that’s one way to do it. Another way to do it would be to craft a time machine out of spare parts lying around your garage, go back to 1986, visit your neighbourhood stockbroker and give tell them you’d like to put all your money in this new “Microsoft” stock. Both those options definitely have their obstacles, and probably, when all’s said and done, aren’t the easiest things to do. But what if there was a way to become a multi-millionaire with only a few minutes of work, and an investment in the single digits?

There is a way of doing it, and it’s a way that pretty much everyone knows but not everyone really pays attention to: playing the lottery. You might be thinking, why, the lottery is a long shot! And you’re not entirely wrong, but there’s a smart way of playing it, and if you play it wisely, consistently and over time, you just might wind up making the world’s easiest half-million dollars. If you play Powerball consistently, you will be amazed by how much you can win, as the jackpot has no ceiling and keeps climbing until it’s won.

You can make the most of that “sky’s the limit” aspect of Powerball by playing regularly and consistently, choosing the same numbers time after time, and putting your small winnings back into the game. For instance, say you’ve set aside forty dollars a month to play Powerball, you’re bound to win a small prize sooner or later, as even just hitting the Powerball number – or two regular numbers – can give you a payoff (as an aside, you can check out the odds of winning breakdown on Powerball’s Wikipedia page). And if you put the payoff back into your lottery budget, without adding more of your own money, you’ll up your chances of winning even more, since you’ll be buying more tickets. And that can climb gradually, even exponentially, to the point that you’ve won so much that you’re buying so many tickets that you’re always winning more.

There’s no guarantee of becoming a multi-millionaire, obviously, but playing the lottery is such a low-stakes endeavor, that it’s inherently worth it. Even if you don’t win the world’s largest jackpot in history, at least you get an exciting diversion week after week, and that accompanying spike in adrenaline. You get a little bit of entertainment to go along with your investment. The same can’t really be said for spending over a decade becoming a surgeon (which itself doesn’t have a great success rate).

So, playing the lottery consistently, over many years, would be a pretty easy way to become a multi-millionaire. Maybe not the most surefire way of making millions, but definitely the easiest. If you put your winnings back into your tickets, play the same numbers week after week and stick to the plan, you’ll up your chances. Just remember, once you win the lottery (or one of the other large sums available) don’t become one of those people who blows it all in a single weekend. Invest the money wisely, in things like real estate or bonds, and make sure that your money makes money. It’ll be mighty tempting to just build a castle in the middle of New York City with solid gold bathtubs and fancy butlers (actually, no one will blame you if that’s what you choose), but reinvesting your money will ensure that you’re set for life. The best things in life may be free, but for all the rest, try playing the lottery!