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Calling Cuba From Canada Just Got Easier

Do you have family living in Cuba, vacationing in Cuba, or doing business in Cuba, necessitating long stays in the Caribbean country? Staying in touch can be complicated and expensive if you’re still relying on your main phone carrier or buying long distance calling cards. Both methods leave a lot to be desired; while your carrier offers exorbitant rates, long distance calling cards that advertise low, affordable rates for international calls from Canada often claw back large sums of money through unadvertised fees or practices like minute rounding. There’s often no way to tell how much of the money you spend on a calling card actually gives you time to talk. Meanwhile, internet access in Cuba means that VoIP calling can be difficult and unreliable.

The answer may not be as complicated as you think, now that there are alternatives to both your mainstream phone carrier and long distance calling cards. If you want to know how you can call Cuba from Canada without breaking the bank, look to international calling companies like G3 telecom. It offers both pay-as-you-go long distance rates and long distance calling bundles with low rates.

When you’re looking for a way to call Cuba from Canada, avoid surprise fees and minute-rounding. Calling card companies use everything from hang-up fees to maintenance fees to eat away at the value of a card, and often, you don’t know what you’re getting when you buy the card.

You can also get much higher quality out of your phone calls by going with a more reputable long distance calling company. Through partnerships with major international telecommunications like AT&T, Verizon, O2, Bell, and Telus, the quality of the calls you get from G3 Telecom are vastly superior. That’s because you have access to premium routes that mean better quality calls. When you’re talking to your family, you don’t want to be interrupted by dropped calls or deal with low sound quality.

Another reason to skip the international calling cards and go with a product like G3 Telecom is its long distance calling app. It’s about time that long distance calling got into the mobile era, with an app that helps you easily manage your account and make phone calls. It shouldn’t have taken this long for long distance calling companies to create an app, but they finally have, and here’s how it helps:

  • Shows you your balance in real time
  • Automatically calculates your rate so you know who much a call will cost ahead of time
  • Simplifies top-ups and payments on pay-as-you-go plans

You don’t have to put up with all the ways that calling card companies take money out of your pocket, or the high fees of mainstream carriers. Calling Cuba from Canada can be easy and affordable if you go with the right service. Do your research and find affordable calling without all of the nonsense that plagues long distance calling services. You can stay in touch with your family without paying out the nose.