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Your Extra-Large Dog Deserves an Extra-Large Bed

If you know the phrase “bigger is better,” then you know it extends to your dog, too. There are many large and extra-large dog breeds out there, and each comes with its own particular care and training needs. Most large dog breeds are big for a reason — they were bred for a specific purpose or function. Some breeds were meant to be hunters, while others were bred to be guard dogs. Dogs with great physical endurance brought livestock or produce to market and even protected the farm from predators. Knowing your dog’s original purpose can be very important in determining not only the amount of exercise a dog will need, but also how much energy they expend in a day — and therefore how much rest they will need.

There are many large dog breeds, and they are all unique. Some of the largest breeds in the world include:

  • Great Pyrenees
  • Mastiff
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Great Dane
  • Bullmastiff
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Newfoundland
  • Cane Corso

These extra-large breeds need specific care and attention. Would you let a 200 lb. dog sleep in a bed made for an animal half its size? It can be a challenge to own a big dog, but that doesn’t mean that your big best friend has to go with a bed that is not comfortable or supportive. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when buying extra-large dog beds for your extra-large dog.

Extra-Large Breed Dogs Require Extra-Large Beds

Big dogs are great; they are active fun and have a personality all their own, and sometimes it seems like they are people. But like people, they are apt to develop some physical problems as they grow older. A veterinarian or even a bed retailer that specializes in breed-specific beds can help you find the best dog bed for your dog — taking into consideration age, health, and the size and breed of your pooch. An orthopedic dog bed from a retailer that designs beds for specific breeds, and that is the right size can help slow down this process or at least provide some relief for them. A retailer like Mammoth Outlet, one that has been selling size- and breed-specific beds for over 20 years understands that every pet’s needs are different, which is why they deal in beds designed specifically for dogs of differing characteristics.

Most people don’t realize that dogs can suffer from many of the same bone and joint deficiencies that plague us as people. Just because your dog can’t communicate to you that something is wrong doesn’t mean everything is fine. Luckily there are some things you can do to prevent issues.

A High-Quality Breed-Specific Orthopedic Bed is Key

When you go for a walk, you need to understand that your dog, especially if he or she is a big breed, is biologically designed to move across long distances much more quickly. You absolutely must accompany strolls in the park with high-chase games of fetch and Frisbee if your canine is to get the proper amount of exercise. Owners who don’t have time to engage in these kinds of activities should really hire services that will provide them instead, because physical activity is absolutely necessary for a dog’s health.

Arthritis, general joint pain and even hip dysplasia are all ailments that a bigger dog might suffer from and find a difficult time getting the proper rest. A great big bed therapeutic bed will provide relief for the symptoms of these common ailments and allow for proper support, better circulation and just a more restful and deep sleep. This won’t happen if the bed is not big enough for your extra-large dog.

Memory Foam Dog Beds Are a Sound Investment

Additionally, a memory foam orthopedic bed makes for a smart investment because a bed specified to your dog’s size and breed can prevent skeletal deficiency and other bone and joint-related complications that can develop over time — complications that cause considerable pain and discomfort at many stages of your dog’s life. This includes issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow disease and many other ailments.

At Mammoth Outlet, you can rest assured that each and every bed — including the extra-large dog bed that comes 55” by 42” and can support a dog up to 200 lbs. in weight — comes with a lifetime warranty. Extra-large dogs need to have a comfortable place to sleep because there is more strain on their joints and muscles than with smaller dogs. A comfortable and supportive bed will allow your dog to sleep better, be less sore and to enjoy a higher quality of life. There are a number of options that will allow for your dog to live a comfortable, healthy and happy life.