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Find The Right Domain Name For Your Canadian Business

For businesses taking steps to establish their online presence, the first thing they must create is a strong domain name. Your domain name is essential to your online brand as your website is the pinnacle of all your online activities – it is where your social media efforts land, it is another platform for making sales, it is also where you connect with your online community, turning frequent users into customers. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a name that is relevant, simple, and memorable. For an existing business, a version of your present company name, potentially with an inventive spin (without trying to be too clever) is recommended.

If your business name is already taken, you can easily distinguish yourself by including a word in the domain that describes the work you do. Always ensure you tie your name back to your brand. For example, if is unavailable, you may consider or instead. A name with a keyword in this case helps the right users find you rather than receiving mislead hits that don’t actually fit the algorithm of users searching for services similar to the ones you offer. Your domain should be specific enough that when a prospective client finds you in the search bar, they don’t doubt that it’s you.

Bear in mind that your short and specific domain name is also spelt correctly; once your website is launched with common grammatical errors, it is a difficult thing to reverse. However, some of the best web hosting services like HostPapa allow you to register unlimited domains when you sign up for Virtual Private Hosting. If you have a name that is commonly misspelt, SEO professionals recommend registering all common misspellings as well to increase website traffic, and protect against others taking a similar title. To secure your domain name for the foreseeable future, ensure you register it for the maximum amount of time allowed. Reliable web hosting from HostPapa means that you have the customizability, versatility, and support you need to get your site or sites off the ground with no hassle involved.

Another thing to consider is your domain ending. Depending on the type of work you do, a unique domain ending can help to establish your brand as well. For example, tech companies may prefer to use .tech or .cloud over the more traditional .com, .ca or .org endings. Typically, a shared hosting package designed for businesses will also enable clients to create e-mail addresses that correspond to their domain name online – offering companies further credibility when performing activities over the web.

Consider how much effort you’ve already put into creating a name for yourself as a business – then apply that to growing your presence online. Registering your domain is equally as important as having a cohesive and professionally designed site, because your domain is the first thing prospective customers access; it’s what encourages them to land on your page in the first place. Stand out on the web as strongly as you do off of it and you will tap into a whole other well of users searching fervently for solutions and just waiting to see what you can offer.