A Professional Look: 4 Grooming Tips For Men

Women are taught from a young age what it takes to make a good impression in a professional setting. However, for men, grooming habits sometimes get overlooked along the way. Luckily, it’s never too late to learn those little details that take your presentation from sloppy to superb. If you’re a professional man whose office appearance could use an update, these 4 simple tips can help you step up your game.

Beware Excess Hair

Ear and nose hair aren’t just a problem for older men – even younger men can find them donning a little extra fur where it doesn’t belong. Keep those strays under control by trimming nose and ear hair with a compact trimmer. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to touch up your eyebrows; the unibrow is never a good look.

Get To The Barber

Stop wandering into the barber blindly when your hair gets so long you can’t see – schedule you appointments in advance. The men’s styling experts at Esquire recommend getting a trim every four weeks and being consistent about it. Once you skip an appointment, things can get “hairy” really fast; it’s only a matter of time before you’re sporting a mullet to work.

In addition to tending to your head, your barber can also show you the best way to wear and trim your facial hair, so don’t be afraid to ask. Whether you’re going for perfect muttonchops or just aren’t sure how long to let your beard grow, your barber can set you on the right track.

Mind The Gap

Have you noticed your hair thinning a little bit on top? It’s a common problem among men, but you don’t just have to wait for all your hair to fall out. Instead, consider a hair transplant to fill in the gaps.

FUE offers aesthetic advantages since the procedure leaves no linear scars in the donor area on the back of your head. This is in contrast to procedures that remove a strip of donor hair from the back and/or sides of the head, leaving a linear scar on the back of the head which can easily be disguised by your own hair. FUE is more expensive whereas the Strip or FUT procedure is more predictable and provides a higher yield (graft survival rate).

Show Your Style

Style isn’t just about wearing a tailored suit or designer sunglasses – it’s also about those small, but distinctive choices you make in presentation. For men with thinning hair, making the right styling decisions is especially important because hair loss is often a detractor in professional settings.

If your hair is thinning, it’s especially important that you keep up with those barbershop appointment because short hair best disguises hair loss. The longer you let your hair grow, the more obvious the problem will be to your coworkers. Not into the short buzz? Though they take more effort, men with thinning hair can also compensate by regularly washing the hair and then blow drying and adding mousse for volume.

Stop showing up for work with barely brushed hair and a rumpled jacket and polish your appearance to make waves in the office. You may just be surprised how much positive attention your work garners when you look the part of the professional.