4 Common Reasons Why Homeowners Invest in New Windows

Some of your friends have replaced their residential windows over the last couple of years. That has you wondering if the time has come to do the same. Before you call a contractor and start comparing options for window replacements, it pays to know why you want the replacement in the first place. Here are four of the more common reasons that homeowners cite when they choose to get rid of the old windows and replace them with new ones.

Tired of Painting the Windows Every Few Years

You don’t have much in the way of complaints about your older windows, but there is one thing that seems to get a little harder to manage as the years pass. That’s the fact your window have to be stripped, sanded, and repainted every three to five years. It’s gotten to the point that you almost hate to see that first bit of cracked paint appear on any of the sashes or the frames because you know it will soon be time to have them all painted once again.

You already know there are options for new windows that don’t require painting ever. Vinyl and metal windows come to mind immediately. Instead of continuing to sink time, money, and effort into the upkeep of those aging windows, why not install new windows that will require nothing but routine cleaning and maintenance?

The Windows are in Poor Condition

Over the years, the current windows have developed some interesting quirks. One takes the strength of Hercules to raise or lower. Another one glides open with ease but refuses to stay in the position you want without some sort of prop. Another one will open and stay put but only because the wood is a little warped. The bottom line is that those windows are in poor shape and it’s beginning to affect the appearance of your home.

In this scenario, the only smart thing to do is replace those old windows. Once you do, the problems you’ve been having will be history. As part of the deal, you also protect the market value of your home. That may not be a big plus right now, but it will be when the time comes to sell your property.

You’re Tired of Higher Heating and Cooling Costs

The bad condition of the windows does more than make the place look less than well-maintained. Thanks to the increase air seepage between sashes and tiny cracks around the frames, it takes more energy to heat and cool your home. Investing in new windows that are energy efficient will lower those monthly bills by a noticeable margin. Over the years, the savings on the utility bills will help to offset the price of purchasing and installing those new windows.


The window style was never your favorite. You’ve not warmed to them over time either. It would be nice to trade the old ones for new windows Oshawa that look as well as perform better. A contractor can help you compare different designs and select one that you really will like.

Whatever your reasons, go ahead and call a contractor today. You’ll be surprised at how affordable new windows are and how they will save a lot of money in the years to come.