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Sell PGP Encryption To Customers With Security On The Brain

Telecommunications retailers looking for a new product line to expand their businesses may want to start looking at PGP encryption. As your customers’ go-to resource for all of their telecommunications, when they start asking you about solutions for cybersecurity, you should be able to offer them full protection to stand up to the threats and challenges that riddle the web today.

By partnering with a BlackBerry PGP encryption company, you can start offering your customers unparalleled email security software. As digital security becomes an ever-more pressing issue, more and more people are looking for solutions. Telecommunications retailers are often the first places curious customers go to find out how they can protect themselves and their organizations. Companies like Myntex make it easy for resellers, too; you provide the BlackBerry device as well as prepaid SIM cards from the company. Using a reseller portal, you can activate devices in minutes, as well as easily manage your subscribers’ payments and service expirations.

Before you start selling encrypted BlackBerry options, you probably want to know what kinds of people you can market this secure technology to. Sometimes PGP encryption is criticized by those who say that if you having nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. That’s not always true, and it also doesn’t mean that you don’t have something to lose to cybercriminals or surveillance. The purpose of most cybercrime is to access private data for profit or to curtail individual freedoms or freedom of the press, something that PGP encryption helps prevent.

#1 Journalists – Journalists are regularly targeted by intelligence agencies, governments, and even local police forces. In order to protect their sources from overreaching law enforcement and governments, often the very institutions that they have a job to report on, they need better security technology like PGP encryption.

#2 Business people – Business people should always be on high alert for surveillance and cybercrime; not only are they prime targets for phishing attacks (one in three companies have become victims of a cyberattack because of their CEO’s carelessness), but they can also be targeted by corporate espionage or even foreign governments. If they do business in parts of the world with authoritarian governments or overreaching intelligence agencies, they can be targeted by economic espionage. According to the FBI, the threat of losing confidential research or patented information is high, especially among tech companies and engineers.

#3 Organizations – Organizations and businesses both large and small are regular targets of spearphishing and cyberattacks designed to get financial or login information, or to use ransomware. Employees who are in a rush to get work done don’t always take the time to carefully look at a URL or a logo and are easily hoodwinked by impersonators, to an average cost of $1.6 million per business. PGP encryption plans for businesses and organizations are also available from vendor provider Myntex, which you can then resell.

#4 Concerned Individuals – Knowing that your emails can be read by just about anyone at any time is just plain creepy to plenty of private citizens. Using PGP encryption for private emails is no different from sealing your letter in an envelope and as an increasing number of individuals realize how insecure emails are, more people will look to technology like PGP encryption for answers.

There’s no shortage of growing markets for PGP encryption and plenty of different demographics who are starting to turn on to better cybersecurity solutions. Be ready when they come knocking.