Identify, Track, Trigger: How Intelligent Auto Dealer Chat Works

Live auto dealer chat is not just the latest tool every dealer should have in their marketing arsenal, it’s also one of the most effective ways to optimize your website, generate more organic leads online, and build better customer relations. Live auto dealer chat works best when it’s fully managed, but still gives your sales team a chance to monitor and even intervene, so that they can provide their expertise and sales tactics when they have the time to jump in.

Another great way to utilize live auto dealer chat technology is with something called a behavioral intelligence system. A behavioral intelligence system identifies a unique IP address (that’s the location of a web visitor), tracks their user behavior (i.e., how they travel through your website and how long they stay on each page), and finally, trigger events (like an invitation to chat).


Identifying a visitor to your website is a simple step, but you’d be amazed at how many live chat systems don’t bother to gather as much information as possible. In the information age, data is power – and in the regionally-based market of selling cars, it’s important to identify where in the world a prospect is located. This kind of information can be useful down the road when you’re identifying regional factors like suburbs you should target for radio and TV spots.


Every good salesperson knows that there’s a difference between what a prospect says they want and what they actually want. The great advantage of online shopping is that retailers, including dealers, have access to far more data than before. Plus, customers want sales pitches, customer service, and inventory information tailored to them. The behavioral intelligence system employed by ChatSmart, the live chat solution from Gubagoo, shows the live chat operator which pages the prospect has visited and how long they viewed the page. This shows the operator, and your sales team, what kind of car the prospect is interested in, what their price range is, whether they want to lease or buy, and if they’re interested in a trade in.


Besides providing operators and your sales team with crucial information, BEAST, the intelligence system used by Gubagoo, also uses data for automatic triggers. The most basic trigger is initiating a live chat; live chat should be a two-way street, and when a visitor returns several times or spends enough time on the website, it’s statistically likely that they are closer to purchasing a car. An invitation to chat from the operator can be a highly effective way to engage with the customer.

There are other events that can be triggered as well, without human intervention, and one of these is your deals publisher. Different consumers have different price points, i.e., the size of a discount at which they’ll decide, “This is the deal for me.” When you have an active, intelligent publisher on your website, you can display lower discounts that roll over toward your maximum deal each time it’s ignored by the same visitor. That can save you thousands of dollars in the end, without losing prospective customers.

Live auto dealer chat is a great way to generate leads, but it’s also evolved into a complex, intelligent tool that will help you learn more about your customers and reach them more effectively. Don’t delay and get it on your website soon.