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How to Use Your Podcast to Further Your Brand

In a world where people skim through printed content and video ads complete with images for the reader’s attention, content people can listen to remains just as popular and retains their attention for extended periods of time. This is why radio is still going strong while TV viewing is declining. It is why audiobooks are exploding while print book sales have slowed. And podcasts are becoming popular ways to listen to the content you want whether working or working out. Here are some tips on how to use your podcast to further your brand.

Find Subjects You Can Talk About

It isn’t enough to find topics to discuss. They need to be topics you can discuss expertly, provide your unique point of view, and talk about for at least a few minutes. If you sound like you’re reading the morning announcements when discussing industry trends, find something else to discuss.

Just remember to stay within the mission of your podcast. For example, a podcast on personal finance can discuss proposed changes to retirement plan rules but complaining about pop culture unless to talk about how deeply students are in debt or modern myths about money will have no weight. Discuss topics in a way your audience understands while giving them insight, advice or wisdom they can’t get from anywhere else.

Start off by presenting what you know best, shared in an accessible manner. The benefit of podcasts are that speaking about these things is typically faster than writing about it, and you may be able to read directly from existing notes or verbally describe infographics and presentations. This approach actually benefits the 30% of your audience who are auditory learners versus visual learners.

Present the Content in a Way the Audience Appreciates

The popularity of talk radio is that it feels like a public conversation or town hall. One way to find “free content” and build your relationship with the audience is to ask them to submit questions that you answer in later podcasts. This creates the same feel as a talk radio show but works even if you don’t have the quick comebacks or social skills when put on the spot. That’s the beauty of a podcast, that you can pause the recording and start over. If you hold any sort of content, give the winner a shout out on the podcast. You can also recognize anyone who has promoted you on social media, your first fans, and anyone who came to your last book signing.

Selling Via Podcasts the Right Way

Think of the podcast as your personal radio show. You can mention your book, your blog, your newsletter or consulting service once in a while in the podcast. Yet plugging your offerings too much will drive away your audience. One in five Americans listens to podcasts each month, but they will drop you and listen to someone else if you solicit too much. For example, Tai Lopez’s podcast occasionally mentions his own books while discussing a different book by someone else each session. Mention your brand more often than your product or service, but not more than every few minutes.

Combine Podcasts with Other Types of Media

There are radio shows that have put cameras in the studio to create a livestream or TV show based on the radio show. The beauty of podcasts is that you can create a podcast based on a segment or the entirety of an interview. For example, if you are interviewed by an online influencer and they post the best 10 minutes of the interview on their channel, you could use parts or the whole audio as a podcast for your audience. It is different from what is available through the other channel. Consider creating podcasts of your Periscope videos to make them available as audio files to those on the go. And post transcripts of your podcasts later as content on your blog.


If you want your podcast to gain traction, find subjects you can discuss with authority and at length. Engage your audience, and feel free to solicit them for ideas for podcasts or questions they have. You can use podcasts to sell your product or service as long as it is done tactfully and not excessively. Finally, combine podcasts with other types of media, whether publishing sections of audio from an online interview as a podcast or posting the transcript of a podcast on your blog.