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The Benefits Of A Full Time Vs. Part Time MBA

“Do I go back to school part-time or full time?” This is the first question many prospective MBA candidates ask themselves when thinking about an MBA. While someone emerging fresh out of their Bachelor degree might feel perfectly comfortable allocating one to two years of additional schooling to their overall trajectory, those who’ve found some success in the job market might not find leaving their current employment a feasible option.

The ideal MBA program values both types of aspiring businessperson – the one who is up-and-coming, as well as someone already established and looking to advance or shift paths. The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics offers potential candidates this versatility by providing options for both full time study in Waterloo, or part-time study in Toronto.

A full time MBA provides traditional advantages focused on deeper study in Waterloo, while a Lazaridis Part-time MBA in Toronto is much more flexible and allows you to seamlessly integrate the program into your pre-existing professional responsibilities.

There are advantages to both options, and perhaps certain specializations benefit from one over the other. If you’re considering focusing on entrepreneurship, the full time degree programs in Waterloo offer you space to work and give you access to resources like the Launchpad and Communitech incubators where you will put your business plans and ideas to the test. You’ll also be residing in Canada’s startup capital, colliding with minds that think like yours, providing you with both practical and creative stimulation to help nurture projects off the ground.

The full time program is ideal for those who are still paving their way and working to figure out where to specialize. This degree program also fosters a community, as students find lasting friendships and potential working relationships within their cohort. Additionally, it gives students the opportunity to experiment and broaden their horizons by participating in international projects.

However, if you are someone whose life is more structured — perhaps you have a well-paying job you want to keep or a family — the part time option is flexible enough to suit your needs. Classes take place on alternating weekends in downtown Toronto, at the satellite campus located in the Sun Life building. Its central location gives you access to Bay Street, and Toronto accoutrements. It also allows you to stay in the job market, reduce potential debt, network, and gain immediate practical experience.

The Part time Toronto Lazaridis MBA is also an attractive option for those who work in accounting or finance, as the program gives you the unique opportunity of adding certifications like the CMA (Chartered Management Accountant) or CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) designations to your degree while remaining at work. Furthermore, the program thoroughly prepares you for the examinations you’re required to take in order to obtain these specifications.

Your needs and areas of interest will ultimately determine whether you choose a full time or a part-time MBA program. Part time study gives you more structured learning that is meant to be taken with you into the office everyday as an extension of your practise. The full time program, however, exposes you to a variety of options and gives you a well-rounded perspective on many facets of business – including scenarios you’re sure to encounter once you’ve graduated. The key is assessing what you would personally benefit most from, and choosing a program that will support your decision whichever option is most advantageous.