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Solid Wood Furniture Looks Great At The Cottage

Craftsmanship and elegance: two words that go hand-in-hand when you talk about custom-made, solid wood furniture. There comes a time in your life when buying your furniture from IKEA no longer seems like such a great idea, but even higher-end furniture stores don’t seem to have what you want. Besides, they’re all mass-manufactured and, while they may be a step up from the furniture you bought when you were just starting out and living alone, they’re still not made to last.

When it comes to the cottage, people often make do with cast-offs from their home in the city, but there are plenty of great ways to furnish your cottage. From crafty wood benches to Muskoka chairs, there are plenty of creative ideas for the outside, but when inside, consider getting solid wood furniture such as a dining table and chairs. You will love the rustic look of solid wood to complete the woodsy atmosphere at the cottage that will help you unwind and leave the busy city behind.

Instead of buying mass-produced furniture for your cottage country home, you may want to create a rustic, wood cabin feel with custom wood furniture made of cherry, maple or oak, stained to your taste. Handcrafted wood furniture is just that – handcrafted, not prefab pieces of furniture that fall apart after a year or two of use, but furniture that is passed down from generation to generation. A solid wood dining table can possess beauty and character and be handed down to your children or grandchildren.

Investing in quality furnishings is money well-spent; you can shop for furniture once and love it for a lifetime. You do not need to live in the Greater Toronto Area to own beautiful handcrafted custom wood furniture; local companies like Woodcraft deliver across North America, including cottage country. You can easily visit one of their showrooms or send a request online and have it delivered anywhere. When it comes to handmade furniture, white glove delivery will guarantee that it arrives safely and soundly where it belongs.

Popular Signature Pieces

Toronto furniture makers Woodcraft offer a wide range of options, all made in their GTA workshop out of solid wood. Below are some of their more popular options:

  • Solid wood tables for dining, whether you are looking for elegant dining tables and chairs, or dining in the kitchen
  • Matching hutches or sideboards that display you’re the dinnerware and glasses
  • Elegantly detailed coffee tables, round, rectangular, or square, made of the solid wood of your choice, and stained to your desired shade
  • Bedroom sets that invite a good night’s sleep; beautiful yet relaxing in appearance
  • Bookcases, desks and cabinets for the home office or living room

Having your custom-made furniture built to specification means that you can have the piece built to fit the room, accounting for odd angles or tight spaces comfortably. When you have the freedom to choose the stain, you can also make sure your piece perfectly fits the room. You can check out to see what your options are in any piece of solid wood furniture. A signature piece of furniture in your home sets the mood and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Only skilled artistry adds to the beauty of home furnishings. Live uniquely and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.