What are Revenge Porn Sites and What’s Being Done to Them?

Despite its usefulness in terms of connecting people around the world, the social media has been taken advantaged by people with illicit motives. An example is the proliferation of these so-called revenge porn sites. Many may still not be aware of such sites but they have been used in spreading pornographic images of people without […]

10 Best Freshwater Fishing Destinations in the U.S.

Fishing is a great American pastime with a lot of benefits. Whether you fish to eat or you always release your prey, it’s a great stress reliever. It can also keep you physically fit, provide a great source of nutrition, help you unplug, and improve your mood. Fishing can be fun even when you don’t […]

How to Finance a Lawsuit if You Don’t Have Enough Funds

Filing a lawsuit regardless of the case involved can be expensive, not to mention time-consuming. And not everyone has the funds to pursue a legal action as they seek justice for the issue they are fighting for. It is for this reason that some people opt for an out-of-court settlement to help them save costs. […]

New Study Suggests Coffee Could Protect Men From Skin Cancer

A cup of coffee a day could keep the doctor away. More specifically, it could protect men from skin cancer, according to a recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer and backed by a number of different researchers. Coffee: The Newest Skin Cancer Antidote In this recent study, researchers from Imperial College London […]

How to Stay Away from Possible Harassment in the Office

Image source Harassment in the workplace is often a problem faced by female employees. Recent surveys notably the YouGov polls have noted that nearly a third of women have been sexually harassed at work while one in four adults in the U.S. have seen a colleague being sexually harassed. Men, on the other hand, are […]