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Join The Mini Storage Rental Wave When You Spring Clean

In today’s world, it’s totally normal for the average person to collect things, upon things, upon things. Whether you live in Coolville, Ohio or Thornhill, Ontario, your home is probably filled with excessive clutter. Before you know it, your stuff is everywhere. Closets are overflowing, corners are stacked with boxes, and your cupboards — well, you just don’t open those. Until now. The spring is the perfect time to tackle claustrophobic clutter that’s taking over your house. Take inspiration from the season and add getting rid of your stuff to your list of spring cleaning chores.

When your entire house needs some TLC, the job ahead of you can be too overwhelming to start. The trick is in breaking down your goal into easily achievable tasks. Tackle one closet, one cupboard, or a whole room at a time, and don’t feel stressed if your spring cleaning overflows into summer. De-cluttering under a time limit will only lead to anxiety and a less thorough job, so give yourself a comfortable chunk of an afternoon or weekend to get things done.

So sit down and write out what you want to get done. Seeing it in black and white on paper (or on your phone’s screen) can help you visualize what you have to do. Most of your tasks will be simply clearing out your unnecessary and unneeded belongings. You know, that duplicate salad spinner, the leaning pile of credit card statements from 5 years ago, and those shoes taking up valuable space in your closet. Go through everything and split them up into the following three piles:

  • Throw Out – Place broken or obsolete objects in this category, keeping in mind if you’ll need to discard these items in a special way. Old electronics and paint cans can’t be tossed out with the rest of your trash or recycling, so look up where these kinds of items need to go.
  • Donate — Place in this pile any clothing, furniture, toys, etc., that you don’t use any more but could be used by someone else. You can choose to sell these objects, or you can give them away to any charity accepting gently used items in good shape.
  • Keep — These are the things that you use regularly and can’t do without.

For the vast majority of people who struggle with clutter, the final pile is the hardest one. This pile can overflow until you’re back where you’re started all too easily, and that’s because you actually use most of the items in this category. Rather than let your springtime decluttering be for nought, check out what the self storage industry can do for you. Plenty of people all around the world use them when they no longer have the space for the items they need to keep.

As a result, the self-storage industry is growing in popularity all over the world. According to research conducted by the IBIS World, these businesses generate approximately $33 billion in yearly revenue. There’s an estimated 58, 000 facilities. While most of these are located in the United States, the Canadian Self Storage Association estimates around 3,000 of them can be found in Canada — with some of the best ones right here in Thornhill!
But what are they and why are people using them?

Like everywhere else around the globe, self storage units in Thornhill are secured locations where people of the GTA can stowaway their excess belongings. They’re a convenient way to keep the valuable furniture, electronics, clothing, or documents that you need but no longer have the space for. Residents hoping to de-clutter their homes use them, just as business owners take advantage of these spaces as off-site storage rooms.

When you find a unit that mimics the best mini storage Thornhill has to offer, you’ll know that your belongings will be safe. The top facilities in the GTA are a yard stick of excellence, as they come equipped with the latest security measures to keep everything on the premise safe from sticky fingers. These features include monitored alarms, security cameras, personalized entry codes, and in-person security. Their facilities are also outfitted with state-of-the-art environmental controls to keep temperatures and humidity at a safe level for both electronics and wooden objects. These measures will also keep the premises safe from pests looking to make a home out of your unit.

Safety is a priority when it comes to your stuff, so it’s important to ensure the facility you choose can offer the best security and climate control. Take a walk-through the facilities and use it as an opportunity to speak with the manager about how they operate. You’ll get a good feeling about their services after only a short conversation, so schedule a meeting the next time you feel claustrophobic in your home. It’s a quick way to clear out your home without missing your stuff when you spring clean.