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10 American Golf Courses You Have to Visit If You’re a Golf Enthusiast

Some people love football, basketball, and baseball while others love the game that revolves around personal achievement: golf. Whether you golf often because due to business or you’ve always had a passion for the game, you can’t help but appreciate the variety of courses throughout the country. The beautiful greens are peaceful and idyllic, and there are some golf courses that are more breathtaking than others.

If you love everything about the golf experience, here are some golf courses in the United States, in no particular order, that you’ll want to check out.

1. Spring Hill, Minnesota

You might not think of Minnesota when considering the best golf courses in the continental U.S., but the thick forests, gentle hills, and water views will be well worth the trip, especially in the fall when the leaves change color.

Spring Hill Golf Club in Wayzata is one you don’t want to miss. Located about 30 miles east of the Twin cities, it’s nestled on the edge of Lake Minnetonka, but not so close that you’ll lose your golf balls to the watery depths.

2. Riviera Country Club

Though you’ll need a guest pass or membership to access this Pacific Palisades, CA golf course, it will be well worth the cost. The strategically placed bunkers and impressive golf holes, despite a less interesting terrain, make Riviera Country Club highly enjoyable for any golfer who likes a challenge.

3. Crystal Springs Resort, New Jersey

For a relaxing and memorable getaway, visit Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey, home to six beautiful golf courses. It’s considered a premier, world-class golf destination with courses at championship level. It’s located along the Kitatinny mountain range, which makes for some incredible views.

Aside from the golfing itself, the accommodations make the trip well worth it. The resort offers luxurious amenities and rooms with a spa, 4-star restaurants, bistros, pubs, and more. You’ll never want to leave!

4. Shinnecock Hills

You’ve no doubt heard that golfing in the Hamptons is an incredible experience – you can’t beat Shinnecock Hills in Southampton, New York. Shinnecock is one of the earliest golf courses in America, although it’s been remodeled a few times to meet modern standards.

The US Open has taken place at Shinnecock Hills for three centuries thanks to the excellent architecture and challenging atmosphere.

5. Pine Valley, New Jersey

Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey takes the number one spot on Golf Digest’s list of best golf courses in America. It’s a massive property with careful architecture to provide penal, heroic, and strategic design throughout the entire course. It’s challenging, beautiful, and unforgettable.

6. Augusta National, Georgia

Home to the Masters Tournament since 1934, Augusta National Golf Club has one of the best maintained courses in the nation. It’s recently undergone a renovation to include rebunkering and tree planting to make the whole experience that much better. It takes strategy and mastery of the game to handle this course.

7. Oakmont, Pennsylvania

At one point, Oakmont Country Club was covered with too many trees to allow for a great golfing experience, but that problem has since been rectified. Now, it’s known as an open, well-designed course with some of the most troublesome bunkers in the nation.

8. Pebble Beach

In Pebble Beach, there are nine holes located right up against the Pacific Ocean. The course itself is excellent, but it’s not as spectacular as golfing with the sound of crashing ocean waves and the smell of fresh sea salt. It’s recognized as some of the best seaside golfing in the United States.

9. TPC Harding Park, California

Located in the Bay Area, TPC Harding Park offers a well-thought-out design and challenging holes. The Bay Area is notorious for having wet and muddy courses due to the humidity and surrounding sea, but this course stays dry and well-maintained throughout the year. It’s a great place to visit when on the West Coast.

10. Sand Hills, Nebraska

Though you wouldn’t expect a course in the center of “tornado alley” to make the list, Sand Hills Golf Club in Mullen, Nebraska is everything you’re looking for in a great course. It turns out the landscape is ideal for golf. It has needed very little shaping over the years and offers the perfect natural and serene experience for golf lovers.