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Why You Should Invest in a Premium Web Host for Your Site

Businesses must ensure that their websites are speedy and secure, in addition to being appealing to the consumer. Speed and security of sites mainly depend on the type of web hosting package you choose. Most web hosting companies offer encryption, password protection and other aspects of keeping sites secure. But speed depends on the type of package you purchase.

The Problem with Shared Hosting

It’s common for startups and small businesses to choose shared hosting packages. These packages are cheaper because one server is used by some sites. Therein lies the biggest problem with shared hosting packages. When server space is rented by hundreds of sites, loading speed could be lower. If one site experiences a spike in traffic, the other sites will pay for it with speed. Plus, the site may often receive sensitive information from users like credit card data. This information will be less safe on a shared server than say, a dedicated server.

Startups and small businesses do not have to experience these problems with a cheap web host. Though shared hosting is affordable, it costs web sites in other ways. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for smaller websites to upgrade to premium hosting plans like dedicated server hosting or virtual private servers (VPNs). For businesses with heavy IT needs, there is cloud hosting as well. All these plans, of course, cost more than shared hosting plans. Still, small businesses should seriously consider upgrading for the following reasons:

Best Speed

Speed is crucial to websites, especially shopping sites. Site speed is directly correlated to conversion rates. So, site owners must ensure that their websites can load speedily without any issues on the server site. According to studies, a slow loading site can cost an e-commerce website as much as $100,000 every day. You can save that money by spending ten or twenty dollars more for a premium hosting package.

Enjoy 99% Uptime

Hosting companies are measured by the quality of maximum uptime. Shared hosting plans cannot give uptime guarantees. As mentioned above, multiple sites often end up sharing server space. The hosting provider cannot predict which sites will experience upticks in traffic during the day, and which sites might, therefore, slow down. When you choose a premium hosting plan like a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Dedicated server hosts can guarantee maximum uptime because your site will be the only one on the server. As opposed to shared hosting providers, premium hosting plans can guarantee an uptime over 99 percent at all times. That means the service will only be unavailable for only 1.7 hours per week.

Better Security

Malware and hacking are a continuing concern for many websites and host service providers. Last thing any site needs is to get hacked and have private information leaked all over the internet. Premium hosting providers are the most likely to offer maximum security for sites. Almost all secure servers come with high-end malware protection and antivirus software. Unlike cheaper options, premium hosting also comes with regular maintenance to ensure both physical and software security of the servers that host your site.

In the beginning, when funds are low, it’s all right to start with a shared hosting plan. However, as your site grows and expands, you must switch to a premium hosting package to accommodate the higher traffic demand and security needs.