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The Time Is Now To Conduct Spring Roof Repair

Winter can take quite a toll on your home’s roof in Toronto Ontario. High winds blow trees, debris, snow, and ice onto your roof, which may not only weigh down your roof, but may also severely damage it. Even if your roof isn’t noticeably damaged in the midst of winter, you may find traces of damage as the snow begins to melt and leaks start to form into your attic or even through your ceiling. Early spring marks the perfect time for a roof inspection and to conduct any necessary spring roof repair.

Spring Roof Damage

Exposure to harsh elements like severe wind can cause shingle loss or damage. Check your gutters for signs of granules coming off of your roof shingles, or for shingles themselves – as any damage to your shingles can mean disaster for your roof. While you check your gutters, make an effort to clean them as well, as it is likely debris has built up over the course of the winter season. Look for buckling or curling shingles on your roof as you clean around it, which indicates a risk of leaks. Ice dams can also cause leaks – the signs of ice dam damage include dark areas, water trails, or mildew or mold in your attic, discoloured ceiling paint, peeling or bubbling paint, and roof sag. It is therefore important to look into your attic as well, after you have finished cleaning your gutters and checking your roof shingles.

Spring Roof Repair

If you find any damage that needs repair on your Toronto Ontario home, don’t put off repairs. Take action as soon as you discover roof damage indicators – you’ll save yourself money by addressing the problem early. A small leak requires less labour and materials to repair. Early spring provides optimum weather for repairs and helps you prepare for the summer’s heat and thunderstorms. Roof leaks mean energy loss and water damage, even tiny leaks mean you’re losing heat in the winter and cooling during the summer. A leak can also provide an entry point for animals – they can dig at the small opening to make it larger. Finally, you’ll get first dibs on quality contractors by beating “the warm-season rush,” home care author John Warde told the The Buffalo News.

Finding the Right Roofer

Look for an established local company like Professional Roofers in Toronto with a variety of options in design and materials. Asphalt, cedar, and clay roofs perform well in Toronto Ontario. Your roofer should offer multiple designs and the ability to design specifically for your needs. They should also provide you with roofing care and maintenance tips that will help you properly care for your roof once any repairs are completed. Ask to see examples of their work in both pitched and flat roofs. If you’ve discovered a leak and need help immediately, some quality roofers offer 24-hour emergency service. Finally, ask about their provided warranties. Choose a roofer that offers warranties for their services including both the labour and materials used.

Use the first weekend or two of early spring to inspect your home for winter damage. Start with the roof because unrepaired damage to it can lead to damage in other areas of the home. Address damage quickly by hiring a quality local contractor from Toronto Ontario.