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LG Skins: Protection That Doesn’t Come at a Cost

The LG G5 is no Galaxy S7. Though it’s certainly one of the better phones released in 2016, it hasn’t quite turned out to be the darling of the tech world like Samsung’s flagship mobile. It still makes it on the year’s top 10 list of best phones, but it’s nowhere near the number one position. A lot of people were disappointed with the G5, including critics. They’ve docked the smartphone significant points for not living up to its full modular potential. But say what you will about the latest LG, as an owner of the G5, you know it’s still the most customizable smartphone on the market today. Though its modular design is limited compared to critics’ imaginations, you can still add and subtract cool accessories to the phone — which is more than any other phone. So until Google releases the Ara, you’ve got an innovative cellphone in your pocket.

You’ve also got an incredibly fragile gadget, for what makes the G5 so different also makes it more vulnerable to damages. The act of swapping out modules puts strain on the removable bottom bezel. You know you have to exert a little pressure in order to release the bezel, and one false move can result in letting one or both pieces of the phone go flying through the air. Returning it to its position isn’t without risk either, as you can easily scrape the bezels against each other if you don’t have a steady hand. Combined with the rest of the daily wear and tear a normal smartphone encounters, and your G5 can look like it’s been through the ringer.

After investing in such a phone (laying down the big bucks to get LG’s 2016 flagship cell), you don’t want it looking like its gone a few rounds and lost. You need a form of protection that will keep it looking like the pioneering piece of technology it truly is, and the LG deserves an accessory as innovative as it is. A vinyl skin is just that defence. It’s different from most mobile cases, as it won’t only protect the phone, but it’s designed to work with its removable pieces and improve its overall appearance.


The primary purpose of skins is to save them from the typical knocks, bumps, and scratches that can ruin the LG’s good looks. It applies like a sticker that creates a barrier between the harsh world and the delicate gadget. Instead of the phone’s chassis coming face to face with the sharp edge of a key or the rough surface of an unfinished table, the G5 skin will absorb the damage, leaving the smartphone free of scrapes, gouges, and dents. It’s important, however, to ensure the skin you’ve chosen can offer a precise fit around the device.

Only some manufacturers, such as the creative minds at, can offer a snug fit that covers the phone perfectly. The selection of LG skins from are tailor made within a micro-millimeter of LG’s designs. This ensures their skins are never too large or too small. Much like Goldilocks, they’ll fit just right — even over the removable bottom bezel. It’s strong enough to protect the mobile but thin enough it won’t affect how you use it.


The secondary function of the best skins LG G5 owners can choose is its design. These stickers can take on the look of most colors and finishes, so you have the option of totally transforming the look of your G5. Your choice of textures includes the likes of zebra wood, mahogany, stone, colored carbon fiber, and metal, while your choice of colors include the likes of red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. Any one or combination of these finishes can upgrade the G5 from its factory color options.

The LG G5 gives you the freedom to choose how and when you alter it. It only makes sense you choose a form of protection that offers the same amount of freedom in terms of how it looks. Save the G5 from itself and protect it with a skin. It will keep it looking great throughout your many modular swap-outs.

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