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Jumpstart Your Holiday Recovery With A Loan

If you’re like most Canadians, then you’re recovering from a holiday hangover — and we’re not talking about the headache from too many seasonal libations! The most wonderful time of the year can have a devastating impact on Canadian budgets, as many of us over indulge in order to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. Between travel plans (a notoriously pricey endeavour in this country) and presents (made even more expensive because of sales tax), before you know it you’ve blown your budget. Now that the bills are coming in, you’re left to face the consequences of your holiday spending bender. If you need a little help covering these bills in the New Year, a pay day lender can offer the assistance you need.

Small dollar lenders are becoming Canada’s preferred source for financial assistance because their practices offer a faster, more convenient alternative to conventional lenders. Many of the country’s banks rely on exhaustive meetings you have to make in-person at one of their locations in order to go over your financial history and credit score. Alternative lenders have streamlined their process in order to eliminate time-wasting red tape. They still need to collect financial information from you, but the data they collect is basic material regarding your income and bank account. They also collect it online, so you don’t have to take time out of your work day in order to submit your applications.

These small changes to the lending process mean you can get the money you need fast. It won’t take you long to fill out an application, and you’ll know if you qualify within 5 minutes of clicking submit. A payday lender often works 24/7 to connect you with your money. In some cases this means you can have your short term loan after just 1 hour of your approval. When you have bills with pressing due dates, you can appreciate these speedy response times!

But efficiency isn’t your only priority. In order to ensure the loan you receive abides by national and provincial laws, the quality of your lender is just as important as the speed at which you receive assistance. It’s important that you stick with lenders that follow all lending regulations, just like the financiers at GoDay. These policies are in effect to limit the rates, terms, and interests allowed on financial products. Spend some time reading up on GoDay’s website to see how a low value loan can be a responsible lending option after the holidays or at any other time of the year.

Check if your lender follows your province’s guidelines for rates, terms, and conditions. It’s an easy way to make sure the repayment is something you can easily accommodate in your budget once you distance yourself from the holidays. A lender has specialists on hand to answer any of your questions regarding their processes and products. Take advantage of these experts and learn how you can recover from your holiday hangover painlessly.

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