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Financial Aid For Single Parents

To say that raising a child on your own is a difficult task is putting it lightly. The financial challenge of providing for your child is often too much to bear for single parents. That’s why a system has been put in place to help you track down your ex and secure child support payments.

But you know as well as any other single mom or dad that this system doesn’t always work. Sometimes, the non-custodial parent (or NCP) slips through the cracks so you’re left raising a family without their critical financial support. When state child support enforcement agencies haven’t successfully brought your NCP to justice, turn to a private collection agency. They’re a proven way to get what everyone deserves.

Trying to track down an NCP can be problematic, especially if they’ve move around frequently. The best child support enforcement agency staffs a team of professionals who specialize in locating hard to reach individuals. These private investigators use a mixture of online and primary sources to find the NCP. They won’t hesitate to conduct interviews with their friends, family, or employers in order to narrow down their whereabouts, and they’ll complement what they’ve learned from these people with focused, expert searches through social media.
Once they’ve determined how they can contact your NCP, your case will be taken over by negotiation experts specialized in reaching a deal. Backed by a team of lawyers who have an intimate understanding of the court system, these private child support enforcement agencies have a much higher success rate than their state-run counterparts.


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Part of their success is due to the greater amount of resources at their disposal. They have more trained staff and more money to work with it. As with any private enterprise, you’ll have to pay for their services — which is part of the way they can provide such superior assistance. A sign of a reputable agency is their billing process. An enforcement agency like Support Collectors was founded by a single mother who understands what it’s like to raise a family without critical funds. That’s why services like Support Collectors will never charge you for their services until they return the child support you’re owed. They should also never try to conceal fees for unnecessary services, so be careful to sign contracts with clear, well-defined terms.

When you can find an organization you can trust, the stress of your situation dissipates greatly. Knowing you’ve got a whole team of specialists on your side can ease your peace of mind, but nothing matches the feeling when you finally have the child support you need to raise your kid properly. Speak with an agency today and see how it feels for yourself.