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Tips for Choosing the Best Drupal Themes for Small Business Websites

small business website

Small businesses should make it a priority today to establish an online presence by creating a website. This should come first before creating your social media accounts.

A website is necessary to promote your business offerings and to engage your customers. It is also a way to attract potential customers moving forward.

One of the most important elements of a website is the theme and this should be chosen carefully to ensure that it goes well with your brand. There are numerous themes available online these days and the SEO friendly Drupal themes are some of the widely used whether for a simple or more complicated site.

While it can be a huge challenge to decide on which theme to use, here are several factors you need to consider. These will help the process less complicated for you.

Content Width Design

Drupal has a wide range of themes that work well for any business website. Basically in terms of content, the two main options today are the full-width and the boxed-width.

The boxed-width template design is most suitable for businesses as it is able to highlight your content inside a frame. The width is usually fixed for the content which means the information and images posted on the site will remain the same when viewed on different monitor sizes and resolutions. If consistent content is what you aim for, this is the best choice for your small business website.

Home Page Header

The home page header is also vital as it’s normally the first thing visitors see when they visit your website. As such, this part alone should already capture people’s attention to encourage them to browse the site further.

A header can feature images, slideshows or even videos. A static header, for example, can just feature an image without text which is ideal for a bed and breakfast business. A static header featuring an image and text is suited for any kind of business and can include a headline, call to action, contact details and supporting paragraph.

A slideshow header with content is another option and most ideal for businesses that offer various services or products and target a variety of customers. A video background header, on the other hand, can be used to explain your business mission and promote brand awareness. The video, however, should be kept short and the video file lower than 6MB for easy viewing.

But you should not always go with the trend because what you need to focus on is your business offerings and how you can attract people to your site. Keep in mind that the header should be able to convey your main message hence it needs to make a good impression on visitors. In short, your header should speak about your business or brand the moment people see it for the first time.

Menu Bar

Finally, your small business website needs to have a menu bar. This should be at the top part which will help your visitors navigate your site. It serves as a road map to guide them on what content is available on your website and where they can focus their attention.

A simple menu bar with tabs that are easy to read will do. For the color, select a background that’s easy on the eye while the text color should be a contrasting one to make it stand out.

For easy navigation, a menu bar fixed at the top of the page is best for websites with lots of content. Fixing it either at the top or side of a page allows people to switch between pages without hassle instead of letting them scroll back to the top each time.