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4 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong in this Digital Age

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In this digital age, there’s still hope for couples to make their marital bond last throughout their lifetime contrary to what some people believe that technology has adversely affected relationships. It’s true that interactions these days have been divided into the online and offline worlds but technology use should not be reason for relationships to go sour. In fact, the internet and mobile technologies have complemented the way people communicate today.

Married couples are the people who should benefit from the use of technology. Even if they’re apart from each other staying in different states or countries, they can still connect in real time anytime they want.

How to Use Technology Right

Technology needs to be used in the right away in order for married couples to communicate effectively and stay connected despite the distance that separates them due to work or official business trips. It has to complement face-to-face interactions and not replace them. Otherwise when abused, it can lead to divorce and separation.

Send SMS. Sending a text message to your partner several times in a day will let him or her know that you miss his presence. Just make sure not to bombard your spouse with messages particularly when he’s scheduled to have a meeting or is on an official business trip.

Do a voice chat. Thanks to these technological innovations, couples can now talk to each other any time and any day. You don’t have to wait for your partner to come home to talk about your activities for the day because you can now call him or her during lunch hour or tea break. There are many online tools and apps available today to do a voice chat such as Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts and Viber among others.

Do a video call. Video calls are another option that can bring people together despite the distance. This is particularly ideal for those in long distance relationships because unlike the phone calls that can be very costly, using online tools and apps allow for instant feedback. The best part is you can see each other through these video calls that can done via Skype, Facebook and Hangouts.

Send an email. If you like to share longer messages, sending an email is ideal. This way, you can express yourself better and share a special love note to your partner.

Play video games together. For couples who are fond of video games, mobile technology is also helpful. During your leisure time, you can play together whether or not you are in the same place. This option can be a stress reliever when done occasionally.

While technology can help enhance your marital bond while you’re apart, make sure to set limits on your screen time when you’re together especially at home. With various gadgets people own these days from the computer and tablets to smartphones and TVs, it’s easy to get engrossed in what you’re doing and spend hours online or watching movies. Use an alarm clock to remind you to put down your device and interact with your loved ones.

Scheduling a date time on a regular basis is also recommended. This will let you spend a quiet time together to connect and reminisce the times when you were just dating.

Find time as well to go out with your entire family together with the kids and even your pet, if you have any. Go on a road trip, visit a park or spend time with your neighbors.

Remember that even if you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship or you live together, technology can play a significant role in strengthening your bond.