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8 Projected Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends of 2017

In 2017, hair and makeup will shift away from the vintage styles we’ve come to know and love. In the near future, expect something a little more bold and different. In some areas, things will be more understated. In others, they’ll be more dramatic. Anyone getting married in 2017 needs to understand where these beauty trends are headed.

1. Smoky Eyes

Dramatic eyes are becoming very popular for wedding makeup. The smoky look provides an air of mystery and makes the eyes really pop. Some like to go more subtle with a little eyeliner and a light dusting of dark powder. Others want to make a bold, beautiful statement with eyelash extensions, colorful shadow, and thick eyeliner, similar to what you’d see in Asian wedding makeup.

2. No Makeup

While some are choosing the bold, brassy style of smoky eyes and bold lip colors, others are opting for no makeup at all. It’s part of a movement towards more natural lifestyles, particularly for those trying to redefine the beauty scene. Rather than putting on makeup, people are turning to the old-fashioned way of highlighting their features, including biting their lips and pinching their cheeks to give them a rosy glow.

3. Defined Brows

Gone are the days of pencil-thin eyebrows. Thick, strong eyebrows (like those of Elizabeth Taylor or Brooke Shields) are all the rage in wedding glamour. Much of the popularity of this style is thanks to supermodel Cara Delevinge, who has caught a lot of attention over the last few years for her distinctive features. Brides are encouraged to gently fill in brows with a color-matched pencil to get this bold look.

4. Braids

Braids were decidedly out of fashion for some time, but the wedding scene is finally letting them back in. There are many, many ways that brides can incorporate braids into their hairstyles, from wraparounds to side-swept fishtails to pigtail braids. The style is sophisticated and playful at the same time.

5. Prominent Lip Color

Thanks to LipSense and similar lipsticks that can last for up to 18 hours without a single smudge, bold lips help to complete the bridal look. Peachy orange, matte red, electric fuchsia, glossy plum, and other bright, bold flavors will help you dazzle on your wedding day.

6. Undone Locks

Like common everyday hairstyles, this messy wedding do is all about free flowing hair and undone updos. This year, brides should steer clear of the severe knot at the back of the head and opt instead for a voluminous bun with plenty of loose tendrils that frame the face. Natural-looking curls with subtle embellishments are also highly recommended for the season.

7. Rosy Cheeks

Bringing an extra glow to the cheekbones is also a high priority among fashionable brides. You should avoid deep, red blushes. However, a rosy pink blush application can give you a natural glow that speaks of innocence and innate beauty. Many brides are also experimenting with pale blush colors that surround the eyes to draw more attention upward.

8. Glowing Skin

Models on the runway often have their skin highlighted with a light shimmer rather than a blush color. When applied to the cheekbones, surrounding area of the lips, and around the eyes, it creates a more natural makeup style that draws attention to the focal points of the face. It makes the bride look healthier and happier, both incredibly desirable traits for a beautiful bride.