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12 Online Tools to Spur Your Startup Success


Startups enter a challenging market these days. Though the general economic picture has improved in the past few years, far more startups still fail in the first few years of operation than the number that succeed.

The statistics can work against you or serve as a motivator to make your firm a rousing success. But your business is only as good as its online tools. You’ll need to collect a few of the best and most affordable in order to take your startup to the level you’re aiming for.

1. Dialpad

For communication solutions wherever your team members go, Dialpad is a must. It provides voice, video, messaging, and online meeting capabilities to talk to customers or clients and business associates. It uses cloud communications for a secure and easy connection every time.

2. Wrike

This is one of the better, more affordable project management solutions for startups. Wrike enables a variety of employees to connect and communicate easily through chat. It can also track time and project completion to aid the success of a job from start to finish.

3. Google

Most of Google’s tools are free, and they provide a broad spectrum of features. Here are a few:

Google Drive is an online storage and sharing solution.
Google Analytics gathers information about website traffic and more.
Google Calendar lets you schedule events company-wide and easily circulate invitations.
Google Trends will reveal what’s currently generating big traffic in the news so your content can be timely and relevant.
Google Hangouts lets you video or voice conference with multiple people at the same time through a reliable network.

These aren’t all of Google’s tools, but they’re among the most important. Search the company’s archive to learn more about its many tools and capabilities.

4. Upwork

Via Upwork, you can hire quality talent from the many freelancers listed on the site. You can search by category and get the kind of specialist you need for your firm, especially on temporary projects, without the expense of having to hire someone full time.

5. Boomerang

For your email marketing, Boomerang can be easily integrated into your Gmail to schedule emails and send reminders. You can take control of when you send and receive email messages so they hit the optimum reading times.

6. Buffer

If you’re using multiple social media accounts (as you should be), Buffer allows you to take control of all of them. With the basic package, you can link up to 10 social media accounts at once: monitoring, engaging in, and automating posts on each network through one easy-to-use platform.

7. MailChimp

MailChimp is another tool that can help with your email marketing strategy since it has the capability to send,
automate, and target emails so they reach the right audience. You can also use the tool to track open rates and other useful analytics that will help you understand how to improve your email marketing strategy.

8. Square

It’s expensive to purchase an entire point-of-purchase system, but Square offers an affordable alternative. Startups can use the system to take payments online or through an affordable stripe-reading system.

9. SumoMe

SumoMe is an excellent tool for expanding traffic. It can build lists, show you heat maps, offer pop-ups, assist with email marketing, and more. Each of these features facilitates a more rewarding experience for both your startup and its customers.


It can be difficult to locate high-quality images that are also inexpensive. offers beautiful stock photos for free. You can use them for your website or the blog content you could be generating more regularly if you had more tools like this one.

11. Content Idea Generator

When you experience writer’s block in your content management, Content Idea Generator will give you ideas. It helps to get your creativity flowing by targeting popular but relevant keywords in order to optimize the success of your content.

12. Shake

Writing legally binding contracts for vendors or independent contractors is a headache, and you probably don’t have the funds to hire a lawyer if you’re a startup. Shake offers templates of free legal agreements that you can customize in minutes. It’s easy to use and very effective.

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