Collecting Across the Generations


Shows like Hoarders have given collecting a bad rap in some people’s minds, conjuring up images of stacks of dusty magazines and small dark rooms filled to the ceiling with junk. In reality, true collecting is nothing like that, because collectors cherish and love their artifacts and, in most cases, want to share that love with others. Collecting is a great way for kids to bond with parents and grandparents as they discover interesting and fun moments in history.

There are numerous ways that people can collect at all price levels. One fun collectible is the autograph. Autographs come in many varieties than just movie or television stars. Local stars in your area can also be fun to collect. Look at estate auctions for old documents and books for hidden artifacts and treasures. Sometimes the trip and adventure to get the autograph can be more fun than getting the autograph itself. If you aren’t sure of the value of a signature, you should have it appraised by an expert, such as the curators of the Raab Collection. If you want to quickly jumpstart your collection, there are many notable historical autographs for sale.

It’s important that when you purchase or sell an autograph that may have historic value, you have it appraised by a trusted source. The Raab Collection has been dealing with items like this for over 60 years. They not only have the expertise to determine an item’s value, but also its authenticity, a vital piece of information in the world of historic collectibles.

Other common collectibles include stamps. The proper term for a stamp collector is a philatelist. A family doesn’t have to collect expensive stamps like the Penny Red or Penny Black stamp.

Finding different stamps on mail or even getting them from the post office is an easy introduction into an enjoyable hobby to share.

One collectible that has come into vogue recently is the comic book. Older comic books have great value to other comic book collectors. There are entire guides and websites devoted to the grading and appraisal of these items. The first appearance of Spiderman sold at an auction for $454,100, but is by no means the most valuable comic book out there. Comic books aren’t limited to super hero books. They’ve evolved through the years from simple comic strips to the complex books that they are now.

No matter what type of collectible that you choose to start collecting, the important thing is to have fun. There’s no sense in spending time, energy, or money in something if you’re not enjoying it.

There are many people out there who enjoy the same collectible that you do and this is a great way to meet other enthusiasts. You can share this world with children, bonding with them over moments in history. It can also be highly educational, as you discover moments in history. Whether it’s reading Lincoln’s own words regarding the civil war or spending time with others over a shared joy, collecting can be a joy.


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