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Starting a Blog is Easy … Making It Good is Hard


Has the time come for you to start a blog? There’s no barrier to entry. And everyone has stories that are worth telling, which includes you.

You’ll have to make a decision early on about whether you want to activate your blog for primarily personal or professional reasons, but after that choice, the path you select as far as framework goes will be all about how hard you work to get to the goal you set for yourself.

Let’s be honest, though: success in blogging is not easy. You can get frustrated by the learning curve. You may find yourself irritated about the fact that whatever worked for you yesterday isn’t working today.

Grit is going to be a central quality you’ll need to move your work from obscure and possibly amateurish to professional and polished. To make that transition, you can start from scratch, learn the technical stuff, consult the experts, pay for professional touches, and remember that the long game is the smart game.

Those steps are all key in today’s blogging environment.

Start From Scratch

No matter how much work you’ve put into the idea of a web space for yourself in the past, you can do yourself a favor when you start a blog by beginning from nothing. Total scratch. Blank slate.

No messing around with something you’ve already been working on. Give yourself a clean bill of health. This will open up your creative juices as well as allow you to launch your journey with the absolutely latest possible tools.

Especially with the onset of the mobile revolution, incorporating such elements as responsive design from the get-go will give you an enormous advantage in terms of effective use of time and money.

Learn the Technical Stuff

For better or worse, the best web design results are going to come from people who understand the technical facets of the enterprise. That means learning to code. It also means learning to inspect and troubleshoot.

You can get pretty far into the process these days by just following templates, and cutting and pasting, but to take your website to the ultimate level, you have to understand the nuts and bolts fully, even if that takes you longer in order to learn such things as programming languages. Do the time, get the results.

Consult the Experts

Blogging is no longer just about writing or content generation. Now it’s about social reach, SEO, and responsive navigation.

And if you aren’t an expert in those fields already, it’s going to take you years to catch up. On the other hand, you could simply consult with experts, and even hire them.

Depending on whether you’re trying to make money on your blog or not, you can pick your own budget, but the experts in the field will save you thousands of hours of work on your own.

Pay for Professional Touches

If you choose the WordPress format for your blog, you have immediate access to thousands of pre-coded plugins. And you can buy WordPress licenses for themes and plugins that will move your site from looking clunky to absolutely breathtaking in matter of minutes. Remember that you get what you pay for in this case!

The Long Game is the Smart Game

Remember, when it comes to creating a successful blog, the confirmation of goodness or badness isn’t going to come right away. It will take weeks, possibly even months, for the first trickle of consistent attention to show up.

That’s why you have to keep adding content, keep tweaking your format, and keep getting data and feedback about what you’ve done so far. The most successful blogs right now have been running strong for years, so don’t assume you have to compete with them right out of the gate.