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10 Fall 2016 Shoe Styles from the Runway

Summer is flying by and it’s time to start searching for fall attire. It’s been a record year, as far as the heat, so you’ll probably still have a lot of sandals in your wardrobe. However, you’ll want to consider a few different items for the evenings, when temperatures get cooler.

Here are some of the hottest fall 2016 runway styles coming your way.

sandals for summer

1. Open-Backed Sandals

At the beginning of fall, before the temperatures begin to drop, keep your open-backed sandals around. These are perfect for afternoon picnics or casual outdoor dates, where you’ll see plenty of sun. These were also very popular options for summer, so keep a few open-backed sandals on hand as fall arrives.

2. A Variety of Sneakers

Sneakers remain the popular, sensible footwear of choice for this upcoming season. The great thing about sneakers is their versatility in style. Since they’re made from canvas, printed patterns and different textures are easy to create. Stock up on several designs and styles of sneakers for your autumn recreation.

3. Western-Style Booties

Booties are great for this time of year, because they dress up your feet when temperatures get cold, but not cold enough for tall boots. Western styles are very popular this season, including leather boots, different colors of suede, and fringe.

4. Blocky Heels

Stilettos are almost non-existent this year as blocky heels take their place. The thicker and higher the heel, the better. Boots, pumps, open-toed shoes, booties, and more look great with this choice. Low block heels are also a trendy choice for close-toed shoes.

5. Rainbow Hues

Color is in. Sneakers, heels, sandals, and boots sporting rainbow hues create the perfect pop of color for any neutral outfit. The bright, varied colors work well with any pattern or texture, jazzing up any formal or casual ensemble.

6. Long, Pointed Toes

Narrow, super long noses are replacing the rounded, short tips of past pumps. These pointy-toed shoe fronts look particularly good as high heels, but flats and boots are also valid choices. The tips can create the illusion of height and thinness.

7. Oxfords

The Oxford shoe look is going viral in a big way, but not with the traditional style. You’ll see the Oxford look in a variety of interpretations, from bootie-style shoes to pumps with blocky heels. Bright colors and textures are also used to give the traditional style a face lift. Oxfords are great because they look fabulous with any style.

8. Classic Pumps

A spin on the traditional, classic pump makes a great dress shoe for the upcoming fall season. Most pumps have a stiletto heel, but we’re seeing thicker heels in current styles. Pointy toes, glitter bling, mixed textures, and wild patterns also help to make this traditional shoe trendier.

9. Reptile Skin

Alligator, snake, crocodile—you name the reptile, and there will probably be a shoe made from its skin. Open-toed heels, booties, and pumps in a variety of colors bring a little more wildlife into your traditional style.

10. Leather Boots

Of course, it’s not fall without the classic leather boot. This year, you’ll want a variety of leather styles, including booties, calf-high, knee-high, and over-the- knee. You’ll want to wear these boots as much as possible during the autumn because leather doesn’t do well in the cold, wet weather of winter.