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Organic Cosmetics Growing Fast in Asia

Green is indeed in these days. Whether it’s food, clothing, transportation, buildings and business, the green movement is growing.

In Asia where many women are fond of using makeup, the cosmetics industry has also recognized the value of preserving the environment. Thus the creation of natural and organic cosmetics.

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Asia is considered one of the fastest growing markets for organic cosmetic products. Countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are predicted to record the highest growth rates reaching US$1 billion in the coming years.

Stats in Asean Countries

According to Future Market Insights, sales of natural cosmetics in the Asean countries reached $2.5 billion in 2014 alone. The same research firm noted that this figure can reach $4.4 billion by 2020 during which the region is expected to account for nearly 6.6 percent of the global organic cosmetics market.

Thailand is foreseen to be a dominant figure in the organic cosmetics market in the region. It is expected to achieve a 29.3 percent share of the market by 2020. In terms of CAGR, Singapore is foreseen to record the highest followed by Malaysia.

Concept stores are said to be the main sources of natural and organic cosmetics. Major players include Aveda from the U.S. and Forest Essentials in Asia.

Quality Testing

Apart from the positive outlook in this so-called green cosmetics, their quality has also been confirmed. The cosmetic industry ensures the safety of products by regularly conducting quality testing through the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), a non-profit organization. The CIR is backed by a team of experts that include chemists, dermatologists, medical researchers and toxicologists.

The extensive tests done on cosmetics are for mutagenicity and teratogenicity. Mutagenicity refers to the capability of causing cancer and othe health problems while teratogenicity are problems experienced by a growing baby. Other tests are conducted to check on the presence of lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxins.

Fortunately, there are now cosmetic forums of varied types such as the Specktra high-end cosmetics forum that provide a venue for people to share their thoughts and knowledge as well as get advice from the experts or those who have vast experience. Through this platform, women who are especially known to be top cosmetic users can gain insights, ask questions and get answers including those on skin and bodycare, fashion, shopping and even crafts.

Finally when shopping for your favorite makeup and other cosmetic products, make sure that you read the label. Organic items should contain at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients not including salt and water and the rest of the ingredients should have non-agricultural substances. Those that says 100% organic should state the use of only organically produced ingredients and should display the USA Organic Seal as well as the name and address of the certifying agent.