New Study Discovers Habits of The Common Gamer


As the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and rising everyday, it is no surprise that 63 percent of households in America have at least one member who considers themselves a gamer. The Entertainment Software Association has released some very interesting findings in their annual report on the gaming habits of American gamers. With more than 4,000 households completing the survey throughout the country, the association was able to find out exactly what kind of games were being played, how often and what made these people choose to spend their time and money on gaming.

The 2016 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry report was able to make a clear comparison on how drastically the world of gaming has changed from the previous year. The demographics of gaming is not surprising, with the number of purchases of gaming consoles on the rise. In fact, more than 60 percent of homes claimed they had at least one video game device.

Many believe that the normal gaming group is made up of teenage boys. However, the study found that 47 percent of gamers are between 18 and 49. In fact, the average age of a guy who plays video games is 35. The average woman is 44. It also turns out that there are more women that call themselves avid gamers than most people would think. While 59 percent of players are men, 41 percent are made up of women.

When it comes to game buying habits, the age continue to be higher than expected. 40 percent of video game purchases are made by women and the average “frequent game purchaser” is around 38 years old.

WIth such large percentages, the Entertainment Software Association looked into where these games were being played. The PC was the most popular choice and is the chosen device for around 56 percent of survey takers. Gaming devices, such as XBox were also very popular. Surprisingly, mobile devices are the least chosen for gaming purposes. Only 17 percent answered that they do a large chunk of gaming on a smartphone or tablet.

It also seems that multiplayer games are the most popular in the gaming community. 54 percent of the respondents of the study claimed that they were more attracted to multiplayer games or played their games with friends or family members. Whatever types of games they chose, most gamers spent almost 7 hours playing with others, whether it was in person or in an online community.

With so many people playing games, you can only imagine the astronomical amount of money spent on games, devices and accessories. More than $23 billion was made by the gaming industry last year and at least $16 billion of it was spent specifically on games. With the rising popularity of digital releases, purchasing games has become as easy as logging onto a website and downloading purchased content. The video game industry claimed that more than half of their sales came from these digital purchases and that number will continue to rise in the coming years.

Some smaller game developers have found a way to offer their game for free through online discovery platforms, such as Poki. Monetizing on advertisments and rewared videos, games such Color Switch game have found a way to become viral hits.

As technology continues to advance and the gaming bar continues to rise, consumers will see more innovative content and more device capabilities as companies strive to become more competitive for their business.

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