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4 Ways to Get a College Degree in Singapore

Singapore is a top destination in Asia not only in terms of tourism and employment but as well as in education. With its world class universities and other institutions, the Lion City is gaining popularity among international students as a preferred education destination.

Those who successfully complete their bachelor’s degree in Singapore can be sure to be accepted by international employers and even educational institutions abroad. This is because the country provides quality and comprehensive graduate and post-graduate education in different fields of study. In addition, students can take advantage of affordable education that truly provides value for their money and employment opportunities right after graduation.


So where and how do you start if you want to pursue a college education in Singapore?

Search for Schools

Singapore offers high quality education and proof of this is its national test scores. According to, students from this Asian country are consistently in the world’s top five list when it comes to standardized math and science tests.

Those wanting to be in the top schools should consider the National University of Singapore and Nanyand Technical University which are in the world’s top 100 universities list. Depending on your preference, though, there are many other institutions you can choose from that offer a wide variety of Bachelor programs. Some international foreign universities such as the European University have also established a branch in Singapore to cater to students who want to study in an American or European university format.

Bachelor degree programs can take three to four years depending on the course. Most of these courses are offered by public and private universities including the foreign universities and they can be completed on a regular or part time basis.

Apply for Admission

After choosing a specific university and course, it’s time to apply for admission. Students from abroad can request for a brochure from the university or visit the official website of the institution. Then find the page where the application process is stated and follow the steps. Check if there’s an application form online and if there’s one, fill it out with the information being asked.

If there’s no online application form, some university websites have a downloadable form which you can then print out. Alternatively, you can email the university’s administrative office and request for the form to be mailed to you.

Take note, though, that most local universities in Singapore accept online applications with the supporting documents mailed to them separately. An interview and placement test may also be conducted.

Once a student is approved for admission, a Leter of Offer or Acceptance Letter is usually emailed or mailed by the university. This letter needs to be signed and returned to the school for confirmation and to secure a Student’s Pass to Singapore.

Submit Requirements

To be admitted to a specific bachelor’s degree program offered in Singapore educational institutions, students are required to pass a certificate of CGE “O” level examination or an equivalent qualification from a foreign country.

Other important requirements that need to be submitted to one’s chosen university include original transcripts of record or mark sheets as proof of passing senior secondary education, scorecard of IELTS or TOEFL, birth certificates and medical reports. The transcripts have to be certified by a person or agency recognized by the government of the student’s home country and the grades have to be converted in accordance with Singapore’s grading system.

Students also need to pass the IELTS (International English Language Test System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exams. They are essential in ensuring that the student is proficient in all aspects of the English language from reading and writing to speaking and listening. Some universities may also have their own entrance exam which aspiring students need to pass as well.

Pay Necessary Fees

Tuition fees in Singapore vary by university and it can also change each year. The Tuition Centre in Singapore has information on the cost of education in various fields of study offered by local institutions.

Most university websites provide information on their fee structure and grants as well as scholarships and other financial assistance available to eligible local and international students. On the average, a bachelor’s degree course can cost from S$24,000 to S$55,000. The fees are lower for diploma courses that take from six months to two years to complete.