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How to Successfully Pack for a Weekend Getaway

We’re in the middle of spring and it’s the perfect time to get the girls together for a weekend getaway. And while it’s much easier to plan for a weekend than an entire week, one thing never gets easier: packing. In fact, you could argue that packing for just two nights is harder than packing for an entire vacation. What should make the cut and what should stay at home?

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Give Yourself Choices (But Not Too Many)

The disadvantage of packing for a weekend is that you don’t have an excuse to bring along dozens of choices for each occasion. Look at your weekend itinerary and select two choices for each outing. Going to a nice dinner on Saturday night? Bring two selections. Laying out by the pool on Sunday morning? Bring two selections. You’ll be forced to choose one of them. Anything more than two and you’ll end up packing too much.

Have One “Wow” Piece

Everyone needs to pack that one “wow” piece. We’re talking about something that’s totally in-season and never been worn before. Check out spring fashion trends and find something that fits your style and budget. This is the piece that everyone will end up remembering at the end of the weekend.

Pack Something Comfortable for the Drive

If it’s a weekend getaway, it’s unlikely that you’re traveling very far. However, you should always aim to be comfortable on the drive. A soft pair of jeans or yoga pants is ideal. Also, make sure you don’t forget your shades. Nothing’s worse than having to squint through sunbeams for a couple of hours.

Throw in a Black Tee

If there’s one item that must be included in every weekend getaway bag, it’s the black t-shirt. “A black tee is like your wardrobe’s cup of coffee,” writes Jess Keys at The Everygirl. “It’s best when it’s plain, black, and absolutely essential under any weather condition. Why black? Paired with the right items, you can easily get away with wearing a black tee anywhere from the zoo to a five-start restaurant.”

Prepare for the Rain

As a smart packer, you should always review the weather before packing. However, don’t let a forecast for blue skies and warm temperatures prevent you from packing a rain jacket. It seems to always rain when you don’t bring one! The good news is that it won’t take up much space in your bag.

Bring a Small Bag

Avoid the temptation to pack a large bag for your weekend getaway. Not only is it inconsiderate to pile your massive suitcase into the car when everyone else is bringing small bags, but you could also end up having to haul that suitcase around with you. It’s much better to have a bag that can easily be thrown over your shoulder or carried by your side.

Choose Versatile Footwear

Shoes take up a lot of room in your bag. If you want to save space and look great, choose two or three of your most versatile pairs. These are shoes that are able to be dressed up or down, depending on the event. Also, at least one pair should be comfortable enough for walking long distances. You never know when you’ll need to trek a few blocks to get somewhere.

Time to Get Packing

While many people detest packing, it doesn’t have to be a pain. By following some simple suggestions and not overthinking the process, you can successfully pack for a weekend getaway in no time at all.