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How to Create a Standout Research Paper

writing a research paper

Many college students dread making their required research paper. Their reasons range from not having the writing skill to create a comprehensive paper and lack of patience for doing research work to lack of understanding in their chosen field.

But making a research paper should not be difficult and could even provide great benefits to students dedicated to pursuing their chosen college or post-graduate major. For one, it can help one deepen his or her understanding of his field of study which in turn can develop a specialization as he or she starts his career.

So how then can you get started in making a good, if not excellent, research paper that can give you a high grade?

Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About

The very first step to take in creating a research paper is to choose a topic. Make sure that it has to be something you are very interested in and passionate about so you won’t have much difficulty in the writing aspect. You can find a lot of inspiration online or from books and magazines you read depending on your field of study.

Be specific as well when coming up with your topic but avoid the technical ones. Always get approval from your instructor before starting your research and do not hesitate to ask your teacher whenever you have doubts or don’t understand what is required of you.

Find Your Sources of Information

The internet, being the information superhighway, is one of the best sources to use today. It will save you time if you surf the net to look for general and background information for your research paper.

For a start, you can use the major search engines and be mindful of domain name extensions such as the .edu, .org and .gov as they are considered to be more reliable sources of information. You can also use the online versions of encyclopedias and almanacs.

Create a Strong Thesis

Once you have identified your resources, it’s time to write a thesis for your paper. A thesis refers to your statement of intent which should specify what you really want to prove in your paper.

It’s important to do some critical thinking to come up with a great thesis. Write down your thoughts and revise them many times to come up with a good one. But keep in mind that it should be in one sentence only.

Make an Outline

The next important step is make an outline to help you organize your thoughts before writing your paper. Take note that the outline should slow logically from start to the end.

The major parts of an outline are the introduction, body and conclusion. Your thesis and objectives should be stated clearly in nthe introduction. This part should also include what type of research paper you’re doing such as an analysis of a problem, a book review, factual report or a comparison.

The body is where you present your three main arguments to support your thesis statement. The level of arguments should start with a strong one then move on to a stronger one and ending with the strongest argument.

Write Your First Draft and Edit

Before you start writing your paper, be sure to organize your notes. You can then proceed by following your outline.

Feel free to edit what you’re writing as you go along and be direct to the point. Avoid explaining or going into too many details all the time if it’s not necessary.

Once you’re done, read your paper from start to finish for typographical and grammatical errors. You may rearrange ideas if needed just so you are sure that your outline is followed.