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How to Prepare Your Kids for Divorce

Divorce is never easy for spouses and more so for the kids. As a family falls apart, every member is affected one way or another. For the spouses, it may seem that the world has stopped sometimes leaving them confused and unsure of what to do next.


Couples who have children should not ignore their responsibility of telling the truth to the kids. It may be difficult but as parents, you have to do it sooner rather than later.

“Breaking the news to your children should be done at the most appropriate time,” said Tony Dunne, a child custody lawyer. “If possible, parents should prepare a statement explaining why mommy and daddy have decided to end their marriage and what their future plans are. They must be careful, though, not to speak ill about the other or blame the other because eventually, both spouses will still need to work together for the sake of their kids.”

Seek Professional Help

Both spouses should be present when they inform the kids about their decision. Avoid showing to them that you’re not in good terms to prevent any disruptions from their daily activities or any upcoming important celebrations.

If necessary, you can consult a family or child therapist first to find out how you can come up with a script for your kids.

Focus on the Positive

When speaking to your child, stay away from the negatives. Reaffirm your love and support for them despite the situation and explain that it is never their fault that you two are separating. Let them know that it’s a mutual decision and that no one is to blame. It is only that you’re both living apart but you will still be involved in their lives.

Parents must do their best to live up to what they’re saying so the kids will not get disappointed moving forward. It is important that

Answer Questions Honestly

Expect questions from your child after your announcement and be sure to answer them as honestly as possible. Explain to them in a way that they can understand so they won’t feel neglected at all.

Moving on, there will still be more questions but don’t get annoyed by them. It’s normal for kids to be curious about your situation that involve them hence, it’s important to be honest as possible. Your patience and understanding is essential when it comes to the welfare of your children.