10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

It doesn’t matter how old you are – it’s fun to have a party on your birthday. However, for the person planning the event, it’s not always enjoyable. The stress that comes with the responsibility of planning the party can be overwhelming to say the least, particularly if you don’t have any concept of what […]

Migraine Prone? Avoid The Common Dietary Triggers

There are many factors that can contribute to migraines, including weather changes, lack of sleep, and hormone fluctuations. Even depression is linked to increased migraine activity. What many migraine sufferers have noted, however, is that there are certain foods that consistently trigger migraines. If you’re prone to migraines, you’ll need to target your own unique […]

4 Considerations when Opening a Dental Practice

So you’ve graduated from dental school – now what? If you want to open your own dental practice, you’ll need more than just your skill at filling cavities. In addition, you’ll need a business plan, significant funds, and a few sets of hands ready to help. Before you strike out on your own, consider these […]

7 Things to Know About 3D Printing

If there’s one thing everyone wants to talk about in the world of technology, it’s additive manufacturing – or 3D printing. The concept of 3D printing is intriguing to everyone. Whether for business or personal use, the possibilities are incredible. Let’s take a look at some fun facts regarding this evolving technology.