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Tricks to Managing Your Wedding Attendees

With the months and months of planning and preparation that go into weddings, everyone involved wishes that things will go on without a hitch on the big day. Things can easily get pretty complicated when you have hundreds of people trying to find a location, park at a location and perhaps even shuffle to another location for the reception.

wedding reception

What is even harder to manage is how big the party at the reception will get. If you’re offering an open bar, or even a bar that people have to buy their own drinks at, there is no telling when people will exercise proper portion control, or whether they’ll decide that your wedding is the perfect place to get hammered and have the craziest night of their life.

With alcohol, food, lit candles, single people, and lots of dancing, things can very easily get out of your control. When this is a day you’ve planned or spent so much money on to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, you need some tricks to keeping your attendees in line so they don’t ruin your day.

Control the Alcohol

A lot of people don’t like to take alcohol completely out of the occasion. It allows for people to take a load off, let loose on the dance floor, and have fun. However, no one wants to be remembered as that wedding that had everyone at the reception wasted and dancing half naked to Miley Cyrus. You surely don’t want have the guests passed out on the dance floor, or driving home drunk.

There are tips to handling alcohol. You can either offer a limited bar, which means that everyone gets one or two drinks, or you can plan your reception at a hotel so that those who would like to “party it up” can just crash at the hotel that night. Another option is to organize some sort of taxi service for all the guests who get a little too intoxicated to drive. You definitely don’t want a bunch of DUI’s and potential car accidents on your head.

Organize Transportation

In the event that the wedding is at a separate venue than the reception, you might want organize a way to get from one venue to the next that will provide the most ease to you and your guests. No one likes to drive across a busy city or town to go to a reception, especially when they don’t know where they’re going. If you give your guests an easy way to get to your reception through something like a shuttle, more people might be likely to show up.

In the end, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your guests don’t get out of line and ruin your day. By thinking of things that could happen, you can set up ways to ensure that those things don’t happen. Weddings are all about the planning and every aspect counts so don’t disregard your guests in the many steps you take to plan your wedding. They’re the reason you’re doing a ceremony and reception in the first place.