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Three Ways To Help Protect Your Clients Information

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, from a doctor’s office to a retail store, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to protect your customers and their information. That means ensuring that their information is safe. That means protecting everything from the credit to their names.

protecting client information

While it is important for people to do what they can to protect their own information, it is also the responsibility of a good business to look out for their customers and clients. It isn’t too difficult to do what you can to ensure your customers can feel safe shopping with you, or having appointments in your office, just try these tips.

Keeping Files Under Lock And Key

While most businesses, even the doctor’s office, keep information all online these days, it’s still important to protect what isn’t online. Even if the doctor transfers what you filled out on a hand written form to the computer that still leaves that particular document vulnerable. Hopefully you have invested in a shredder for your business for such paperwork.

If you still keep paper files on hand or hold onto credit card information for repeat customers you want to make sure that they are protected. That protection means more than just keeping them filed in alphabetical order. It means having them in a filing cabinet that can actually be locked up to keep them protected. Don’t just rely on the alarm system attached to your entrance doors.

Protecting Your Computer

Even the stuff that you’ve loaded onto your business computer needs protection. It’s pretty likely more people are breaking into the internet these days than brick and mortar businesses. That means you really need to be working off of a secure server and making sure that you have all of the proper protection in place.

Make sure that your business computers, all of them, have both virus and malware protection. It’s not only about having it on your computer though, you need to do updates when they are needed and set up regular scans to ensure protection. Make sure you have a paid virus protection plan, which offers far more protection than the free ones.

Paperwork That Protects

If you want to make sure that your customers and clients feel safe when they shop with you or visit your office there are forms in existence that can help give them peace of mind. Think of it like a lease you sign for an apartment, which not only protects you from not being able to get rid of a bad renter, but also protects the renter from living in a slum.

At a doctor’s office people expect to sign a HIPAA form to protect their medical information, so why can’t other businesses have such forms? While it may seem useless to sign a form it makes it so that you, as a business, are held accountable for your actions and for the protection of your clients and customers.

Protection is important to the people that come to your business, so do everything you can to ensure they feel safe.