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5 Ways To Improve Office Productivity

There are always ways to improve, and when it comes to office environments, it’s particularly important that you find ways that are both subtle and effective. Gone are the days where you push people harder to work better. These are the days where you have people work smarter and safer in order to get more done.

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Five tips specifically when it comes to improving office productivity include buying anti-fatigue mats and putting them in the right places, choosing the right lighting for the office, reminding people to take regular breaks to avoid mental fog, using positive reinforcement, and working on the overall habit structures of groups that work together.

Buy Some Anti-Fatigue Mats

Two ways that office workers run into fatigue the easiest are by standing too long somewhere uncomfortably, and sitting somewhere too long uncomfortably. For those who run into the standing situation, if you buy some anti-fatigue mats, you’d be amazed at the difference in overall energy level and general happiness of people. Sore feet and sore legs are extremely distracting, so with the simple addition of more comfortable flooring, you’ll make a world of difference to the people in an office.

Get the Right Lighting

Different types of light can affect the human mind differently. So if you want more productivity from your office workers, one of the first things that you should fix is the lighting type and lighting arrangement. You can look up different types of bulbs, how much they cost, how they should be installed, and what kind of effect they have on workers, and you’ll find out that there is a lot of science behind it, and with very little effort you can have a much more pleasant and productive work atmosphere.

Remind People To Take Brain Breaks

There are studies that show the best ratio of work to relaxation, and if you adhere to them, you’ll be much better off as an office. Though it sounds counterintuitive to many bosses, by giving employees these regular breaks, their output will almost almost improve significantly, and then that can be part of the further routine to keep going on a regular basis.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Another old stigma is present in the workplace about positive reinforcement. Old school bosses thought that negative reinforcement worked better to get people motivated, but research has shown just the opposite in many cases. The whole idea of the carrot or the stick has many different psychological facets, but the more you look into it, the better idea you’ll get of what direction to take with your particular office.

Work On Group Habits

Individual habit changes will have some effect, but to get a much bigger and more exponential result if you work on the group as a whole. There’s a lot of evidence that meetings and managers cause of lot of stress and slowdown, so if as a group, your company decides to change habits regarding those two matters, it will be a much more productive office.