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Tips for Building Trust with In-Laws

Getting married means establishing a long-term relationship not only with your partner but as well as with the parents and siblings of your other half. In short, you need to connect with your in-laws whether you like it or not.

It’s true that initially, there would be awkward moments particularly on the part of the new member who’s still trying to fit in the existing family. Many married people would agree that it’s never easy melding into a new family particularly when your spouse have close ties with his parents and siblings.

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Unfortunately, when this awkwardness does not fade through time, the in-laws can become the cause of a couple’s problems onward. This is a common issue but one which can easily be solved as long as the spouses make an effort to create a favorable relationship with both of their families.

Here are ways to help you improve your relationship with the parents and siblings of your spouse.

Be Respectful

Respecting people is very important and you need to show it even to those who don’t deserve your respect. Understand that you have differences but regardless, it is a better attitude to respect family traditions and other negative traits so long as they don’t affect you.

When you are able to do this, you are taking a positive step towards building a peaceful bond. Keep in mind that it’s better to be a peacemaker rather than a troublemaker.

Connect with Your In-Laws

It’s natural to be close to your own parents but don’t take your in-laws for granted. Make an effort to connect with them even just for a few minutes when they call before handing the phone to your spouse. There’s no harm in being to share your time and attention with them.

“Communication is always a vital component of any relationship,” stressed Los Angeles family attorney Marina Korol. “In the case of a married couple, open communication is key in resolving issues and establishing good relationships with each other and with in-laws,” they added.

Ensure Clear Boundaries

A husband and wife must be loyal to each other to ensure a healthy marriage. This being the case, each should avoid any family relationship

to come between your marital bond. This means one should avoid calling his or her parents when they have a misunderstanding or argument.

It’s best that you settle your issues on your own so no judgments are made from either side of your family.

Love Your In-Laws

You may not be able to love your in-laws so soon but when you are consistent with your efforts towards establishing a friendly relationship with them, you’ll eventually learn to love them. If peace is what you want in your married life, you need to share your love with your new family. Love works wonders because it heals and connects people in a positive way.

As time goes by, in-law relationships can either become friendly or hostile. While marital bliss is not guaranteed with an extended family, couples should make an effort to establish positive ties as much as possible. It’s how you control your behavior that matters because you can not always control how other people behave.