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8 Innovative Products You’ve Never Seen Before

The viral nature of social media and the internet make it nearly impossible for things to fly under the radar; however, things do occasionally go undetected. And after reviewing this list of innovative, genius, and downright crazy products, you’ll wonder how you never heard about any of them.

Bicycle blinkers.

Cyclists have always relied on hand signals and acute awareness when making right or left turns on roads and heavily trafficked pathways. There is another option, though. BlinkerGrips can be installed onto any standard set of handlebars and come integrated with bright LEDs that can be utilized as turning indicators and side markers. Safe, practical, and easy to use, this innovation makes a great addition to any bike.

bicycle blinkers

Waterproof coating.

Did you know that it’s possible to waterproof virtually anything you own? With Ultra-Ever Dry, an innovative hydrophobic coating that can be applied to almost any surface, you can protect items from damage related to moisture. If you want to see how it works, just take a look at this brief video.

Organic absorbent.

If you’ve ever spilled oil, you know how much of a pain it can be to clean up. It takes a lot more than a handful of paper towels and a bucket of soapy water. That’s why SpillFix is so valuable. Unveiled at a recent expo, this organic absorbent allows you to clean up small and large spills in a matter of minutes. The biggest selling point is that the absorbent is organic, meaning it’s completely safe to handle and use in all environments.

Wi-Fi smart pen.

For those who prefer to take handwritten notes, but want the ability to access and store them electronically, smart pens with built in Wi-Fi technology are the answer. These pens record everything you write and say and securely store them into an integrated software platform that gives you access to the notes on a tablet or computer for future use or editing.

Smart toilet seats.

Nobody likes dealing with a cold toilet seat – or even the process of lifting the lid up and down. That’s why new smart toilet seat technology is being enjoyed by so many. From warming the seat and lifting the lid to flushing the toilet and controlling integrated bidet features, smart toilet seats allow for a comfortable, hands-free experience.

Magical play-dough.

Who didn’t love play-dough as a kid? Well, now there’s an adult form that’s not only fun to play with, but also incredibly useful. Using patented silicone technology, this innovative product is essentially moldable glue that turns into rubber. It bonds to virtually any surface and allows you to create sturdy fixes in a matter of seconds. To fully understand Sugru and what it does, you’ll have to check out their website.

Magnetic light switch cover.

At first, a magnetic light switch cover may sound useless and relatively unnecessary; however, it’s actually extremely valuable. Think about all of the possibilities. From hanging keys to storing pens, lighters, and even tools, a magnetic light switch cover lets you keep important items handy at all times.

Bluetooth trackers.

Are you the kind of person who loses your stuff constantly? Well, thankfully Bluetooth enabled trackers can help. These small keychain tags can be hooked onto items like car keys, phones, purses, and television remotes so that you can easily find them when they’re misplaced. Here’s a look at some of the top brands on the market.

Did you know these eight innovations were actual products? Well, it may surprise you to learn that there are a number of products and inventions on the market that you still don’t know about.

Make sure you stay up to date and do your research, because you never know what products are not only waiting to be used, but could benefit your life.