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5 Unforgettable Movie Villains of the 90s

Any movie, or story for that matter, won’t be complete and exciting without a villain. Since time immemorial, this character that goes against the star of story has been in existence and it is in the movies that people are able to experience greater excitement and thrill when they see the villain on the big screen.

Villains are memorable characters and most often, they bring out the best performance from actors. Whether in romance, action and animated films or whether as individuals or groups, they make a huge impact on the viewers.

We share here some of the villains of the 1990s that made a mark on the big screen with a few of them making it to the list of the greatest evil characters of all time.

The Joker

TheJoker DarkKnight

Who could ever forget The Joker in the film The Dark Knight played by Heath Ledger. Described as an agent of chaos more than an evil force, the Joker rejoices when he blows up an ambulance or kills his own henchman during a robbery.


Fans of Harry Potter will agree that the role of Voldermort (He who must not be named) in the Harry Potter series made a huge impact in the story. Those who were able to read the best selling books before the films were released would not question that the villain’s excellent performance in the six films. Ralph Fiennes who played Voldermort was successful in terrifying children and even the adults on the big screen.

Alonzo Harris

Alonzo Harris

The Training Day produced a credible villain in Denzel Washington who is well known for being the nice guy in most of his films. In the Training Day, Harris was a very bad policeman which some movie critics even term as one of the baddest bad cop in movie history.

Washington, as Alonzo Harris, performed extremely well in the film which led him to eventually earn his second Oscar award.


It’s undeniable that The Lord of the Rings was a box office series and an unforgettable character in the story was Saruman the White. Despite being the oldest villain in the movies, Saruman as played by Christpher Lee proved very credible as he displayed his lust for power in the films.

Film critics were all praises for British actor Christopher Lee’s portrayal of the villain character. Not surprising at all because Lee has been a veteran of thousands of horror movies in the past.

Doctor Octopus


In Spider-Man 2, the character of Doctor Octopus became very popular as one of the most unforgettable superhero villains. Alfred Molina with the help of director Sam Raimi were successful in creating a credible villain.

In addition to Molina’s performance, the visual and physical effects also contributed to the major impact the villain made on movie viewers. Technology-wise, Doctor Octopus is considered one of the most three-dimensional villains every seen in a film about superheroes.