Should You Get a Life Insurance for Your Kids?

A child is always precious and it’s understandable why parents would find all means to protect their kids. But other than making sure children are fed well and sent to a good school, they also need to be protected from illnesses and accidents. Here is where the issue of life insurance comes in. Getting a […]

Famous Male Celebrities Who Got Involved With Nannies

Temptations are everywhere and even celebrities, human as they are, also fall victims when they could not resist. One temptation that exists among high profile couples such as those in showbusiness is the presence of a nanny. There have been many cases of celebrity couples having relationship issues or worse, ending up in divorce because […]

7 Habits of Highly Resourceful People

There’s something to be said for being resourceful. Not only is it smart and responsible, but it can also be financially rewarding. This is particularly true for cost-conscious individuals looking to cut expenses and save money. Do you know how to be a highly resourceful person? Here are some habits you’ll need to adopt: Use […]