The Benefits of Vaping While Traveling

When traveling, it’s important not to discontinue your nicotine use. It’s difficult to enjoy a vacation or focus on a business trip while experiencing the stress and discomfort of nicotine withdrawals. For this reason, before you go on your next trip, you should be sure to square away the means by which you’re going to be get your nicotine.
Whether you’re normally a vaper, smoker, chewer, or dipper, using electronic cigarettes is going to make things considerably simpler, cleaner, more space efficient and covert. One last note, there are some regions and countries that outlaw vaping explicitly, so watch out for those; I’ll tell you which they are so you can avoid trouble.



Travel is stressful for everyone but the seasoned traveler. Do you know the reason that seasoned travelers are less affected by the stresses of travel? Simplicity. They have figured out that a business or personal trip should require only the bare necessities. Only bring as many items as you actually need and leave the clutter behind with your stress.
The best way to do this while still getting your nicotine fix is to use electronic cigarettes. There’s no need to worry about getting a lighter through security or whether you’ll have to get one at your destination. Pit stops throughout the trip for another cigarette pack will also be unnecessary. Finally, there will be much less hassle and stress about finding your preferred cigarette brand while out of the country or on a hectic business trip; you’ll have it with you the whole time.

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Perhaps the greatest benefit of electronic cigarettes on a long trip is that they’re simply cleaner than any other form of nicotine delivery system. A pack of cigarettes will leave you holding plastic and foil wrapping and odorous cigarette butts wherever you go. Not to mention the leaf remains that always shake out of the bottom somehow and into your pocket. Dip or chew can leave you carrying your spit can everywhere to the chagrin of those near you and having to find somewhere to spit the wad when your done with it and rinse your mouth. None of these are true with electronic cigarettes, at most you need a charger, a replacement battery, and a couple disposable cartridges that will last a few days or a week depending on your use.

More Space Efficient
One of the greatest benefits of electronic cigarettes over cigarettes is the ability to save space while you travel. A week’s worth of electronic cigarettes is going to take up approximately the space of a single pack of cigarettes, when you include space for a charger and refills, for a heavy smoker. For a light smoker it’s going to be even less, perhaps the space of a single cigarette or two in a coat pocket or carry-on bag. Or you can purchase a rechargeable e-cigarette and have even less to carry overall.

More Covert

A great benefit, whether you’re meeting a client or relatives on your trip, is that you’ll neither smell nor have a spit bottle with you. This will give you a more professional appearance in business and help your relatives to stop harping at you about your nicotine habit.

Don’t Vape In:

I would recommend checking your country of destination here. The link goes to a regularly updated, comprehensive list by an e-cigarette legislation reporting organization. Their entire purpose is to make known legislative actions for and against electronic cigarettes and publish this list which has both nations with outright and de facto bans in place. If your destination is not on this list either as permitting of forbidding nicotine based electronic cigarette use, then I would recommend more research whether online or with your contacts in that region.

So whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, you need to make sure to get your nicotine system figured out ahead of time. What better time to begin or continue your electronic cigarette usage than when it’s simply the most beneficial to you. When you’re traveling you won’t have to deal with the clutter, the stink or filth, the space inefficiencies in luggage or awkward conversations.