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Helpful Tools for Budding Writers

Writing as a profession can be fun and very rewarding particularly if this is your passion. Various options are available today such as to become an author of a book, web content writer, news writer or blogger.

Whatever type of writer you would like to become, a major requirement is being proficient in the English language. No technical background is needed because as long as you know how to write in proper English, you’re good to go. Finding a job is a breeze as well what with the many freelance writers jobs board available online.


An added bonus for budding writers these days is the existence of online tools that can greatly help them in their writing work. There are many types of useful apps including those for specific mobile devices, both free and paid, that can be taken advantage of. Here are several of them that can help you focus on your work and ensure they are ready to be published right away.


This free app provides writers with a blank document where they write their thoughts. It features a full-screen view and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. Users can save their document in txt file.

FocusWriter also boasts of other useful features such as a timer, alarm, theme, statistics, spell checking and goal setting. Those used to the typewriter in the past can even use the typerwriter sound effects as inspiration while doing their work.


The Editorial app is recommended for iPad users. It is a writing and editing program that supports Markdown, plain text, word counts and Dropbox versioning. It also offers outlines and lets you send text to Evernote or an email.

This editing tool allows full HTML preview with a single swipe and features a web browser and the Python console among others.


Android users should consider using the Write app because it fairly easy to use. This full screen writing program lets you write in plain text and also supports Markdown.

It is possible to automatically save and backup your document. The other great features of this app are its statstics menu and file management system.

If you are looking for a word processor type of tool, however, consider Google Docs, Textmaker and QuickOffice.


This is the app to use if you want to easily save information and ideas that pop out of your mind. It can even store photos and audio recordings and an added bonus is you can sync EverNote with your other devices allowing you 24/7 access to your files.

EverNote also lets you search for keywords covering text within images and the handwritten ones. And if you want to be alerted of your due date, simply set it to send you a notification.