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8 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

Hiring a great cleaning service for your business is more important than you might think. Imagine bringing an important client into a business meeting and there’s a giant smudge on the glass table top. It would be embarrassing to say the least! As you can see, the quality and cleanliness of your office makes a big impact on the success of your business.

Since your cleaning service will be coming in after hours, you need to find a service that you can trust and won’t need to be micromanaged. The employees should be proactive and able to excel when given simple instructions. If you’re looking for a great cleaning service for your office space, consider the following advice.

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1. Read Reviews

Before you even think about getting price quotes, ensure that the company is a reputable service. If you can’t find any reviews on their site, check places like Yelp – a free website where people can write reviews about different local companies. If the company has less than 4 stars, it’s probably not worth your time.

2. Get Price Quotes

Once you’ve selected a few companies with reputable reviews, narrow it down to the companies in your price range. Ask for a quote from each of them, until you find a few within your price range. If none of the highly rated companies are in your price range, it might be a good idea to reconsider adding more money to the budget.

3. Match Services to Needs

When you’ve found a few companies you can afford, it’s time to get a little more picky. Look closely at the services they offer, and find a company with all the services you need. If they don’t have a service you need, you can always ask them to add it for you.

4. Find Out What Makes Them Unique

Every company will have something to offer that’s unique. Find out what it is and determine if that’s something your space needs. For example, McNevin, a commercial cleaning service in San Francisco, specializes in anything to do with carpeting and upholstery. That kind of service would benefit offices with a lot of carpet, drapery, or padded furniture. Likewise, companies with mostly hard wood surfaces would benefit greatly from a company that specializes in wood treatments.

5. See Proof of Insurance

You never want to hire a cleaning company that can’t pay for something if they break it. Likewise, you never want to be liable if one of their employees gets hurt on the job. The company should be responsible for any accidents or damage caused when they are working.

6. Ask for References You Can Contact

When you’ve determined which company you’d like to hire, make sure you can trust them. Ask for specific references to back up the reviews you read online. If the reviews are solid, the company in question will have a long list of numbers you can call, and they won’t hesitate to provide this information.

7. Run a Background Check

This is more of a metaphor than anything, but it’s important to know that you can trust the people who’ll have access to your office, and possibly even see private information. While you could run a background check on each custodial employee to ensure they’re trustworthy, you’ll be better off ensuring that the company runs background checks on their employees before hiring them. You could also ask your references about the trustworthiness of the company.

8. Understand Their Policies and Contract

Finally, as the most important step, make sure you understand the policies and contracts you’ll be signing. Don’t just read the documents; understand them. If you feel so inclined, have your lawyers look over the pages so you don’t find yourself in a legal trap down the road.

With this advice, you should be all set to hire a commercial cleaning company that exceeds your expectations. If they meet all of your criteria, you can expect to walk into a fresh office every single day, hassle-free.