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Smart Home Automation That Looks and Feels Good

There’s an obvious trend in the home improvement market and it involves smart technologies and robust technology platforms. While there’s no doubt that smart home technology is the way of the future, most people aren’t willing to sacrifice the look and feel of traditional home features. Interestingly, you may not have to choose one or the other.

Recent developments in smart home technology put the importance of visually appealing design equal to that of functionality. This came about as designers and architects alike have used their innovation to create more and more products as design pieces.

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According to Albert Scaglione, CEO of Park West Gallery, “Designers should never be forced to sacrifice good design for function, and those who do so are selling themselves short.” This is especially true in home automation, as there are plenty of functional, yet aesthetically pleasing solutions now available in smart home technology.

Lighting Technologies

Incredibly, you can now control your lighting system from your smartphone. Different lighting technologies, like the Philips Hue, are wireless lighting systems controlled from your mobile device. You can switch the lights on and off, and even change the brightness and color of the light. You can also program a timing system to help you save energy. For example, if you want your kids to be up for school by 7, you can set the lights to turn on at that time, and then off again at 8:15 when everyone is gone for school and work. It’s an excellent way to save on energy.

Furthermore, these lighting systems do nothing to alter the overall design of your home, except they make it a bit better. The wiring is fixed inside the walls and the light bulbs are screwed into the sockets just like any other light bulb, with the added feature that these light bulbs are generally sleeker and more attractive than traditional bulbs.

Sleek Thermostats

Smart thermostats are not only great for saving money and energy, but they are also generally more attractive than your average thermostat. For example, you can choose thermostats in your choice of shape and color, in order to match your current décor. Some smart thermostats are even designed to look like a wooden wall ornament rather than a tech interface from space.

A smart thermostat is your best friend when it comes to saving on your heating and cooling costs. This is because you can control the temperature from your smartphone, eliminating the use of unnecessary energy. For example, while you’re gone during the day, you can set the thermometer to 68 degrees and then set it to heat back up by the time you get home.

Recycled-Energy Appliances

A washer and dryer set is necessary for any home, whether or not it looks good. But wouldn’t a more attractive, energy-efficient set of laundry appliances be better? LG and other big names in the appliance sector have developed appliances with sleek designs and energy saving capabilities to do just that.

These new appliances still come in the same attractive, sleek designs that you crave for your home with the added bonus of recycling energy, saving you more on utilities. You can also enable control over your oven and other appliances from your smartphone, setting cook temperatures and times so that your pot roast is done by the time you get home from work.

Who said functionality and design couldn’t work together?