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3 Ways to Jet-Fuel Engagement on Your Mobile Site

In the arena of steadily advancing technology and devices, it’s vital for your business to take advantage of every opportunity to reach potential customers on their level. According to Ingrid Lunden at, about 80 percent of adults who use the Internet do so on a smartphone or similar mobile device.

This means if your mobile site isn’t optimized for user experience, you’re likely missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on customers who are already visiting your site via their phones. To get the most out of your mobile site, here are three tips for increasing customer engagement.


Click to Call

Giving your users the option simply to click on your phone number and instantly call you will make it so much easier for past customers and potential new ones to reach out. This can be especially beneficial if you’re a B2B operation that relies on your salespeople’s ability to close leads.

For more information on how to implement this feature on your site, Google offers coding instruction as well as added explanations about how this feature can benefit your mobile site. On a stylistic note, Google also advises firms to use the international dialing format for click to call on their mobile sites as well as disabling auto-detection, when applicable.


SMS, or short message service, is another great way to get more consumers involved and interacting with you from their mobile device. Referred to by Andy Shirey at as the “entry point for mobile engagement,” SMS is ideal for three reasons, according to Shirey: everyone knows how to text, it’s low commitment for the consumer, and it gives your firm an easy way to attempt upsells.

Compared to other forms of direct marketing, SMS has a 98 percent open rate, according to Michael Essany at Given numbers of that magnitude, you can’t afford not to seek that kind of exposure from a direct marketing channel.


When it comes to optimizing your mobile site, simpler will always be better. Honestly, there just isn’t much room for a lot of interesting web design and graphics on a mobile device.

Those features could actually hinder your chances of success, rather than bolster then when someone tries to view your offerings on a smartphone. Erika Maguire, contributor to Forbes, suggests changing your mindset when you design or update your mobile site: from how you can best engage with your customer to how your customer can best engage with your product. This will make the process of navigating through your mobile site much more user-friendly, and create an even bigger pull for users to come back time and time again.

Increasing customer engagement with a mobile site demands a different mindset from what works best for other approaches to customer engagement. You really have to be focused on both user intent and navigability.

By employing the three tips described above, you should see an increase in customer engagement with your mobile site, which will give you even greater incentive to create a mobile site that fits with what your users want, instead of what you want to give them.